Subjective Reality vs. Objective Reality: The Sea of Tears

We all process events from a subjective view point. The key to understanding is being able to take the objective reality with empathy to balance the strategy for determining a favorable outcome. If this is not able to accomplished, emotions become halted until I can fathom an objective reality that I can reasonably relate as true.

Today, I recently had a conversation with an associate of which the matter was urgent. I was memorized by this little flower floating in a puddle when, of course, I hear the 911 ringtone on my phone. I never take calls on Sundays, but have been abnormally absent and getting back to the swing of things so made an exception. Of course, I normally always do.

A business catastrophe was ensuing. After listening to events I have heard for the last three years, I asked calmly, “Well, this was foreseeable. I suppose now where do we go from here. What are your thoughts?”

“I don’t understand how this happened,” was the response I heard back.

I have long learned that trying to explain to people who don’t see things the way I do is a waste of time. Focusing on the present is much more relevant…As much as I try and break my own rule with the hope that logical deduction can manifest, it never has and I truly lose faith it ever will.

“Well, now, we are on the defense, because we didn’t take an offense position years ago. No one has ever won a war on their own turf. We are already disadvantaged.”

“What is your vote?”

“Well, we can try to defend, close the borders down, but in the end, it won’t change the result in all probability. If we are here, at this point, the outcome is inevetible. The key was prevention not correction, in this case. I am not trying to say I told you, but this one was fairly evident.”

“I can’t think of anything around this – you always think of something.”

“I am tired of thinking when no one listens when I said this years ago,” I said, still watching this little flower float in its secluded puddle.

Silence. “Well, yes, but that doesn’t change today. There was a chance this wouldn’t happen.”

“A mathematically low one. All the facts logically supported it, but I know that does not help the current situation. I have to think about it.”

“We have to have an answer tomorrow.”

I stood up from my crouched position leaving my little flower in the puddle. Three years of bad decisions and now, we need to have a strategy in less than twenty-four hours on a Sunday? Typical.

“Well, then my advice is to take it as a loss.”

“That would be your vote?”

“Yes. If it got to this point, the chances of recovery are less than fifteen percent based on comparable outcomes. I brought this up years ago with factual data. Cut losses,” I said as I resumed my crouched position by the puddled flower.

Silence. “That decision won’t be viewed favorably.”

“The logical decision never is,” I said, as a twirled my finger in the puddle creating ripples in the puddle that would inevitably linger for some quite some time.

Tomorrow shall be swell.

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