The Simpleness of Serenity

Humans, by our innate nature, make things more complicated than need be. Even in internal business affairs, one hears of elaborate constructed strategies to secure the merger or asset with vast complexities for taxation, valuation, amongst other valid and practical concerns that often make or break the deal. There is always a tactile advantage from getting from point A to B by such methodology, but when did everything become so complicated that the objective becomes lost in the vast ordinance of agenda to be fulfilled in time?

I have not witnessed many processes in life that are not as complex in their own way. Inefficient processes, but efficient for each who apply them nonetheless, I suppose.

Today, I saw a little puddle that had a flower floating on top of it. It memorized me because it was so simple…and that made it beautiful. Yes, the flower was dead, but it had life from the water that was also separated from it’s host of origin in a secluded puddle of which the sun would eventually dry up forever…but for that moment, the little flower sat freely floating on top of the water…it didn’t have to think and contemplate the weather conditions the next day, whether the organization had enough to move forward, or any of the other thoughts that raced through my mind.

I found myself more concerned for that little flower – wanting to scoop it up from the pond and take it with me…to spare it from danger! However, if I had to choose, I would rather be the water than the flower; for the water evaporates and turns into air where the flower will wilt and turn back to earth.

However, I still want to protect that flower who magnanimously sits on top of the water in the sturdy puddle…I want the flower to prosper – to cheat death! But of course, not even God operates outside of the laws of nature. In the end, it shall be as it always was, but I can’t help feeling that perhaps this project was better left unemployable or for a different person altogether.

The simpleness of serenity sometimes becomes complex from empathy. A double burden to bear.

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