The Story of the Election, Weinergate Scandal & and 5 Irish Car Bombs

I never vote in the American Primary mostly because I maintain that the system is rigged. For those that understand the electoral college, you can make an argument that way, but to me, rigged is rigged. Over a few cocktails of debate with friends, I agreed that if Donald Trump was to win the election, I would admit that the American Presidential Election was not rigged and drink an Irish Car Bomb for everyone in opposition. It started five against 1, meaning if I lost, I had to drink five.  I converted one other person on my side midway, so now it becomes 3.5 of a deplorable beverage if Trump were to win and vice versa. I chalked it up as a win-win because I particularly do not like Hillary based on just her general character, so if I had to drink, at least Trump was President and the better choice of the two, in my opinion. This also made the process of the election entertaining as even if it’s an Irish Car Bomb, there’s a stake.

I was pretty confident in my stance from watching CNN (of which I dub Clinton News Network) that Trump wasn’t going to make it. When he publicly announced that he believed the election was rigged, friends in opposition to my stance were a little nervous and where I gained my one reluctant follower, which is good because I think I can actually make it through 3.5 Irish Car Bombs – 5 no shot, but I would deal with that at the time and if I had to, I would figure it out.

But not to get off track, in truth, did I know the American Election is rigged? Of course not, but I believe it enough that I don’t vote. So, I was actually really looking forward to this election as it had become the test of an evidentiary causation point of which I could rely to form a basis of fact one way or the other.

And then…11 days before the election, the FBI opens up their investigation on Hillary Clinton.

The Weinergate Scandal. Probably the second largest to Watergate.

Okay, I am not being a SORE loser, but really there is no way Hillary can win now – I mean, if she was to be elected, the whole world would know our election was rigged. If I was a voting Democrat, I think I just wouldn’t even vote at all!

But in all retrospects, I would drink 3.5 Irish Car Bombs for Donald Trump to be President over Hillary; not because I per say like him, but because I like him more than Hillary.

So Bottom’s Up!



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