Clarification in Subjective vs. Objective Advice: Givers & Takers

There is a difference between my subjective viewpoint of what I do and the advice I give objectively to others. I want this clarification to be made known, because it is important to understanding the subjective verses the objective.

More specifically, when weighing from an objective standpoint, a relationship should be a give and take – a 50/50. That is what is defined as normal and healthy and where the majority of people lie. Therefore, regardless, who you give advice too, 50/50 is where you begin absent having a knowledge of the person and their threshold capacities.

However, when weighing from a subjective standpoint, what one can give and take is determinable on the individual. I will never agree that it should be anything other than 50/50, but one may be able to give and take at different proportions. When one cannot weigh an objective reality, this can be confusing. However, treat others with objectivity that balances first and foremost.

This was unresolved, love, two.

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