How to Add Terms and Conditions to a Site – Protect Site Owners & Users

This post is about two things: 1) doing something to protect you as a SITE OWNER; and 2) showing that you care by an action to help protect users.

After an hour today of complete frustration (amongst a million others I have emotionally and physically deal with today), I must admit, adding Terms and Conditions to a site was not as easy as I had originally anticipated. However, I was able to figure out a workaround  – it’s called ghetto-rigging on the world wide web. For those that care enough because it matters to their userbase to do the same while also protecting yourself as a site owner, here is how you do it:

1. Go to your WP Admin Panel

2.  Go to Pages and Click: Add New


3. Enter New Page Title as: Terms and Conditions. Then Proceed to paste and in the text box the Terms and Conditions relevant to your site. Make sure to change the Template to Post Slider as circled below.


If your website does private consultations, make sure you add a section there for those types of consultations as well. America views TOC as contractual for the time being – naturally all, TOU have to be fulfilled, but remove ANY OBLIGATIONS you have of WHEN you have to respond. In America, it is the USER’S responsibility to read these disclosures and protects you, as a site owner. Also, if you have a blog where you are reasonably aware that other users could be of issue, you should explicitly include that no liability will be presumed by the site owner thereunder and that user, by joining or commenting on blog, assumes the assumption of risk.

4. Once you have completed the following instructions, you will be generated a permalink as circled – COPY the permalink and then hit Update (as also circled below).


5. After you have hit the Update button, you will then proceed to replace the text copied in bold blow that reads ENTERPERMALINK (do not delete the quotation marks) and replace it with the Permalink you pasted and copied from above.

<a href=“ENTERPERMALINK” target=”_blank”>Terms & Conditions.</a>


After you have done so, copy the entire HMTL code so you can now enter into your footer.

6. Next go into your WordPress Reader and hit Customize under Themes.


7. Click on Widgets (this may vary depending on the theme you have on but should be the same generally). 


8. Select Footer


9. Click Add Widget and Select the Text Option


10. Paste the HTML Code you had previously copied in Step 5. Then Proceed to Hit Save and Publish and Wala! Now you have TOC’s on your site!

Please add to your site – it will speak to me a lot if you do or don’t, but hopefully these instructions make it much more simple for all users who wish to take the added layer of security to ensure that they are protected within their legal rights!

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