Taking a Bath Without You


You keep asking me to loosen up on how I feel, but this feels awkward but is just for you.

I know, you hate when I do this when your at work, but I couldn’t stop thinking about you today. That’s not a bad thing is it? It’s not that I don’t feel this way more, but I am not used to opening up about it, right now, I want and need you more than ever. I miss you when your at work, but when I write you, you know exactly what I am doing, and I know you like that.

I never said thank you for the last bath you took with me; it’s actually what is making me write this letter. I can see you cringing,*giggle*, but I know you remember it. It was the night I had an extremely high fever when we were at the cabin, and you fixed a bath full of ice to break my cold. I was so weak and refused with all my strength to get in, but you told me I had no choice, gritted your teeth, pulled me close to you as you plunged us both into the frigid waters. When we hit the water, I screamed and started crying while you held me firmly close to you choking back sobs until my fever broke. You put me in your silk shirt and held me close to you all night long…and well, you know the rest…*blushing*.

I never said thank you for climbing into such cold water. I must have been so sick, but then it came back to me when my toes dangled in my steaming hot bath, today. I immediately wished you were with me instantly, paralyzed with feverish intoxicating sensations I could not even begin to describe.  

So, this letter is to let you know I am detoxing that love potion 9 out of me of which will return back to you. May those feelings ravage you as I wait for you to come home and take me…



P.S. So you can imagine what I taste like…


Nevermind the Ballistics Lush Bath Bomb


Love Spell Bubble Bath – Etsy


Pure Seduction for Hair and Body by Victoria’s Secret 

Detox. [Unresolved Ph.2.2 – Admission.Ch.4]

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