You Push Every One of My Buttons

Scroll to bottom for tidbits on joining blogs and forums of any speculative nature.

Have you ever had that moment, when you scratch your head, and think, “Did that just happen? Was I really in a relationship with someone that actually –?” But then you just stop and try to sort out the logistics, because the truth of the matter is, how in God’s name could someone on this planet push every single one of your buttons and you still miss that person?

At this point, I take the blame as it’s clearly a flaw in my own character. But then you get to thinking…

And sometimes, part of that thought process revolves around: Was I in a relationship with a Narcissist?

If you are having those questions, search no more.

There is a blogger I happen to greatly enjoy, if you are in the quest of researching Narcissist Personality Disorder (or questioning what kind of relationship you are in or just got out of as it can be a lot to take in the feeling of: Did That Just Happen?), that I have observed in reading his books and blog of which educate others of how to recognize and avoid engaging with a Narcissist.

Take for example the following picture:


Source: [Written by HG Tudor]

Now, I am not sure how a normal person would react to such a picture, but for me, it does not matter how pissed, angry, or irratable I can be at a moment, when I look it at this picture, I just can’t even be angry and have to laugh because it is the epitome of such blatantly admirable and resilient understanding of raw emotional energy relating to “provocation” that words don’t even do justice. As stated above, I attribute this to a flaw in my own character, but we are who we are, (gulp) right?

In my personal situation (which is not related to Mr. HG), the provocation is so utterly intense that I can barely contain it, but just wanted to give him a shout out at accurately identifying trigger points related to “provocation” and how certain relationships can just make you want to explode with emotion, but, as they teach you in law school, everything you say will be used and held against you so you bottle it all inside.

Naturally, such toxic relationships, as HG informs his audience, are to be avoided, but it still doesn’t quench the feelings associated thereto. So, if you have to vent, do so here as it can feel good to be heard, and I completely get the feelings of wanting to absolutely explode and will always remove any comments if asked.

It’s always okay to admit truth that you miss their voice, but factually and legally speaking, it may be best to voice in a safe environment online than in person or via email to the person directly. If you do so online, please review my tidbits of consideration below that are highly helpful:

Tidbits of Consideration for Speculative Blogs and Forums:

1) Do not use the real name of your Narcissist. Call him Casanova if you can’t think of anything more clever. The Internet is a tool that is widely used by private investigators and Narcissists that very well could be used against you, especially if you are going through a legal process such as divorce or custody disputes.

2) Avoid specific inferences with dates. If you are talking about a specific situation, less is more in reference to Tidbit 1).

3) Create a New Gravatar for “venting” with no personal information associated to you or a real picture of yourself. Do not use your real name or an email address that reveals your identity. Create a separate identity for such “venting” purposes and have at it. Keep in mind, that your IP address may be stored depending on how you comment, so look at a website’s Terms and Conditions to see if that can be released to authorities if operating under a legal subpoena. You do not want your words to come back and haunt you as related in Tidbit 1. 

Being involved with a Narcissist can be a very tough situation and support can be found at HG’s blog – HG is one of the few authors that actually will take time to write to you on your issue and does so as part of therapy (which is awesome) – however, keep in mind, that like all websites or forums, there are other commenters who do not have similar intentions, so be responsible and mature about following my tidbits above – I believe all commenters must be age 18 or older to comment!



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  2. You may want to follow HG’s blog – HG engages and responds with his bloggers and will answer your questions! HG recommends getting out of a Narcissist relationship by going No Contact. The complexities of how to do so range from what type of Narcissist you are engaged with (Lower, Mid-Range,Greater). Review my tidbits and follow his blog – I adore HG – but he is blatantly honest about his condition and the reason a Narcissist provokes is for fuel or as Sam Vaknin refers to as “narcissistic supply.”

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  3. I am not one for labels, but I believe Sam Vaknin refers to himself as a Cerebral Narcissist – he also states that pathological narcissism is comparable to Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly Multiple Personality Disorder) but I could not say for sure what his diagnosis is. Sam Vaknin is very intelligent and was the first person I believe who really shed a lot of awareness on NPD and the differing types of Narcissists.

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  4. HG all the way. Lol – you are inquisitive with so many questions, you, but I like talking probably too much and never want to take up that space on someone else’s blog but HG’s work has a way to tickle me in just the right way which is why I enjoy reading him so much – did you check out HG’s blog yet?

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