A Defender

I do not believe the best form of defense is an attack, but then again, I am a Defender.

A Defender is a backbone.

A Defender is humble.

A Defender does not take revenge.

A Defender does not punish.

A Defender does not seek vengeance.

A Defender only attacks in prevention than retaliation.

A Defender is aggressive defensively.

A Defender shields, but never yields.

A Defender interjects offensive plays against a score to his or her goal.

A Defender prepares for the worst, yet hopes for the best.

A Defender observes offensive plays.

A Defender never loses his or her temper.

A Defender should never make a rash or impatient tackle.

A Defender intercepts passes to prevent opportunity.

A Defender defends at an angle.

A Defender blocks shots on the goal.

A Defender coordinates.

A Defender applies inordinate pressure in their sphere of influence.

A Defender slows down and speeds up very fast.

A Defender analyzes the correct distance to avoid too much dribble.

A Defender only tackles when it cannot be avoided.

A Defender puts unrelenting pressure on offense if they make a move.

A Defender stays with their man.

A Defender always maintains an objective position.

A Defender sets up an offside trap if offense gets too close.

A Defender senses when the offense turns and prepares to win the ball back.

A  Defender never leans on the attacker.

A Defender never plays with the intent to foul.

A Defender never loses control of their emotions.

A Defender only goes offensive if he or she can score.

A Defender conserves energy.

A Defender has agility like no other.

A Defender balances.

A Defender objectively weighs.

A Defender observes.

A Defender perserves.

A Defender does not back down.

A Defender never loses sight of the ball.

A Defender observes patterns and knowledge.

A Defender looks for weaknesses in the offense.

A Defender prepares for recovery runs.

A Defender remains in arms length.

A Defender forces offense to make negative touches with the ball.

A Defender has an insatiable drive.

A Defender is the most aggressive and yet most passive player on the field.

A Defender exercises self-control in discipline, emotional stability, composure, and discretion to defy conflicts.

A Defender has more mental toughness in persistency, consistency, and commitment through no surrender and tough self-assertion.

A Defender has a good team spirit and bears no ill-will.

A Defender is sensitive, nervous and practices pre-contest anxiety and diligence.

A Defender is trustworthy and follows-through.

A Defender is self-motivated and bears responsbility.

A Defender does not shift blame.

A Defender operates under specific rules.

A Defender reacts only under offensive pressure.

A Defender is conscientiousness.

A Defender bears the burden knowing its offense.

A Defender is the most determined player on the field.

A Defender is intelligent and reads the game tactically.

A Defender is alert to offensive pressure.

A Defender watches the clock very precisely.

A Defender does not drift from his or her position.

A Defender’s only goal is to stop your goal on them.

Therefore, a Defender cares about two things:

  1. Whether to make contact with the ball; and
  2. Where to position oneself.

A Defender is not a threat.

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