Red, White and You

Dear Yoshimui Hosinito,

Some people are truly special. As in, God only made one of them on the planet, because the planet could not handle more than one of that person. Out of all the billions and billions of people breathing in Mother’s Earth oxygen, you were deemed one of a kind, that is for sure. You should take that as a compliment (I would), but you are truly unique.

So as requested in my pro bono observation, let’s go over day’s one dynamics after “the Purge” to Ground Zero:

Veni, Vidi, Vici

The TRUMP has officially won the election and populating the White House. Protests are breaking out over Trump’s stunning win (CNN portrayal of Hillary through the election has caused quite a stir for those innocent Americans who believed a the media could not be bribed…sigh – actual reality in such statement). As the TRUMP begins migration into the White House, he leaves Bill and Hillary in charge for a few days to repair relations on home front, vowing borders on all sides. He wants a sole partnership.

Now, please, enlighten me, how does a sole partnership operate? I see it going to the tune of, “Well, babe, I think it was swell you registered the domain, so I feel like I am entitled to it. Now, I am willing to make you a part of the sole dictatorship-err..I mean partnership, nevermind secondary or even let’s go over what that actually is, so long as you give me full access to your life – well, everything that I want when I want and when I need it. I mean, what’s wrong with you swearing undivided loyalty, and giving me fresh meat of innocent souls for fuel of the blog you were smart enough to start?”  

Now, that is a good question. So I beg you, Veni, Vidi, Vici, please sell me on why a sole partnership would be in anyway a lucrative opportunity? Hey, if anyone could do that, it would be you, but then again, all I can see is the negatives such as hurting others, which if you haven’t gathered (although you may not understand per say but are on repair of bridges duty so maybe can relate), is of importance.

No – don’t prepare Staff Dark Cupid – but think of this as a Memorandum for future followers if you will on how in so doing is a 1) positive to others and 2) benefits the business objective. You are in charge after all.

You know, at this point, I think I want you to sell me. I do. I am tired. You are relentless. So go for it, what’s the pitch? Aren’t you on the recruit anyways in your new reign of dictatorship which you so proudly touted off and got boss’s signature? Nice plan – sounds like he was distracted. Maybe’s he’s tired too. Where is he?

I do like how you do go and repair old bridges. That is a little different than Napoleoning through it – maybe you are learning some defensive loyalty strategies after all? Cough, cough. But make no mistake about it – you worked the hardest that has loyalty in my book – and your team did too. There is ZERO debate on that in my mind. A compliment…don’t be shocked!!

Team X: You are not Leah

Meanwhile, in the Whitehouse, Hillary is not a happy camper either and neither are the Democrats serving under her that attempt to make it as if her loss was planned and part of Control Group 18371-y243. “Yes, let’s just do this over again  – all going as planned.”

Well, normally, if that is the case, we are not discussing control groups to a hit a nerve, but the lesson is: you learn to be better from a win or a loss. Such is life, right? We are here now, aren’t we? I know, you have been trying to kill me off, and it’s not working so it’s time we formulate another strategy – work with someone rather than against them.  I am going to dedicate a blog post to the “dance” (which I do not see as the Tango), but thought that was a really great way to describe it in it’s own way. Reminded me a photo..hmmm..hmmm.

But how does being an ex feel like as you secure future sources? Is there jealousy, anger, resentment, happiness, joy (as most are empaths)? What are the perks or cons? Just thinking of things for discussion that I think would be interesting to know to relate with in a perspective – if you could only walk into my subjective objective right now, but without knowing the inner workings, I can only speculate day by day. But these are the things of reaching others that matter…knowing YOUR take. How is one to know if they do not know who you are? They cannot.

Seizing Your Subjective 

Without knowing the particulars, all I can say is that I love how you write and are inspired as the empathic one trying to put a finger on it all. Most likely, overworked and underpaid and under strenuous orders of penmanship .

So I am going to muse you and give you some ideas from where I sit – if not needed, don’t read – I can only grasp such limited facts from my angle:

Topic One: The Narcissist Settlement Date Debate: Picturing the Narcissist Barbie (happy – I used Barbie – like as in not person – object – okay, no one cared moving forward…lol)

So let’s say that you were in charge of manufacturing Barbie’s specifically designed for certain types of Narcissist’s – what are those Barbies like? Maybe instead of going after the personality disorder approach there can be some form of characteristics that compromise dream girls where other girls can relate to make them come to you verses having to exhaust resources vice versa. Then there is a mutual meeting of the mind, which should yield a higher return and bringing people more suited to each together? Therefore, they can start to group together for longer positive connections based on the needs of two people rather than being squeezed to a turnip for last ounce of attention and fuel, which is just going to most likely prosper of low hanging fruit in general. Quantity and quality in this case.

Ok I don’t think it fully registered  think of it like this: Narcissist’s are hunters. They prey like sharks in water, but is it possible, that in their quest for the now, they focus their attentions on the wrong prey? More specifically, it is always going to be a fact that a Narcissist requires more than others – that is never going to change. However, if they are easily able to convert someone to their subjective reality, you have two halves of the same heart – now two halves of the same heart don’t connect – they need the opposite half – but it’s still the same heart, right? [holding hands in two shapes of a heart and trying to bend and wriggle trying to make both hands connect – in short, I can’t get it there, but it was a valiant effort, right? – but see what I am saying]?

Now, I say this, because finding the “right one” is often an arduous task. Most Narcissist’s that I have encountered (oh yes, corporate America is full of them), settle on what is available N-O-W rather than contemplating what secures the longest relationship and then succumb to unorthodox control because they never sat there and thought, “What do I like and what is the best way to naturally attract that?”

Now, Sam Vaknin describes in analogy that one day he hates kiwi’s and the next day he devours kiwi passionately because he has no sense of self. Fine – I get that, but that doesn’t change the fact that his taste buds can eat kiwi – because if you can’t stand the way it tastes by a natural reaction, you don’t bite into it. Therefore, he eats kiwi. I would also like to point out that Sam Vaknin has been married to same women for 20 years. Now, in America, this is impressive alone, but my point is that attracting the right mate does not need to be a free for all – nor does it need to be free – charge both sides and while you get started, ladies free.

This is important in understanding that there are natural sensory instincts at play do that do define you who are. The fact that it changes is not as relevant as it is to the objective that if you eat kiwi passionately, you can do so again. So what are those passionate subjects for the Narcissist’s that are working towards finding someone special?

Rather than focusing on the empathic needs that attract a Narcissist, what are the makes and models that form the specific Narcissist’s “Barbie” or “Ken”? Let’s work on getting THEM to come to YOU based on who CLIENTS ARE. Clearly, a lot of work goes into this.

When you break this down into specific standards, there will be people who fit the mold of specific makes and models and gravitate towards specifications – you can have Barbie, Skipper, Kelly, etc. Ken, Dan, etc.  Age and time is a big factor too because the younger is different than middle-aged or older, but this is essential. But the key to matching up is finding people who relate with one another.  And that is subjective to age and other factors, but there are not a whole lot of categories – but let’s not try to play phycologist and break them down into a personality disorder or entice in a golden period with the Alps – why not learn how to be oneself?

Ken and Barbie – Assembled in UK. Inspired in U.S.A. (Lol – joke – laugh!)

In closing, Veni, Vidi, Vici, wrote an article “I W_” – now, let me ask you, did he not achieve that? But he was 1) clear and 2) had a specific goal. He is competitive, but that is something in which I can say I relate, but you want someone that gives when it is deserved when the work and effort were there and unquestionably, it was. I could not have wrote it, but I am more of a fair and giving person, but in his allowance of being known, there was a connection, even if it is infuriating. So therefore, I am sure there are more connections but if one does not make themselves known, then I am connecting with myself or a formulated illusion – I mean who are the teams – who are you – I don’t know – I don’t assume, but it would be nice to break it down I guess – but as far as I go, quite frankly, only one of me can exist in the world.

Now, this is what I see objectively – this could be so off the mark, but just see how I see from my eyes. Naturally, it’s a lot harder to open up when you have language to the tune of: “We will screw you. Inflate you. Rob you. Rape you. Use you…” etc. I wanted to say these things, but I didn’t want to be nailed to a cross either so feel more comfortable writing you the mad ravings from a blogger’s love letters if you will.

I see so many positives. I do wish you could see how I see, but going long and strong is not the same as short and distort. Deceiving a person to get something only makes a person feel that less about themselves – what you take you give back – it’s the law of energy and I promise it never goes any other way…but when you give, you get for yourself. Naturally, I could be missing the whole perspective, but it’s just ideas afterall and how I see from the vantage point I am in.

People’s time is currency – currency is energy – the same exact thing can be used for good or evil – it’s the intent and how you go about it. Of course, naturally, I see the world from different eyes, but then again, I see what I see. If truthful from reading, some of my previous suggestions have been lucrative, but I am not the bookkeeper. In fact, I am dyslexic with numbers, but I do understand GAAP…kinda…it’s getting better at least.



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