Examples of Extreme Empathy

I have always felt things to an extreme degree since I was born. Here are some examples of what I would objectively define as extreme empathy.

  1. I can feel the pain of this tree from just the picture. If I saw this in real life, I would have to sit with the tree for a few minutes if I was in a position that I could – I never try to let extreme empathy thwart others plans if on an agenda, but if I was alone, I would.Fallen tree that was cut down with a chainsaw
  2. Never – and I mean NEVER – is it wise for me to go ANYWHERE in the vicinity of an animal shelter…I would have to take them all or if I could not, would spend as long as it takes figuring alternative solutions. Especially dogs – cats prefer to do their thing – I respect that.download
  3. I sponsor children and will spend hours going through all the profiles. I always pick the oldest, least attractive child I can find. Why? No one sponsors them – attractive always get sponsored. three
  4. I enable moments for others and pave the way for them to happen if I notice them. As in, I’ll get the fish and dog food to allow them to carry on as it is touching. f427d8195d10c8e9e340bebc1ec246b4
  5. I store emotional vibrations in somewhat of the equivalent of a dictionary. I can feel what you are sending me, but apply knowledge filter first. If I have walked in the shoes of a particular emotion, I can tune into immediately. If knowledge and feeling does not match, something is wrong with one of the two.118434177_rrrrrryor
  6. I operate on Ground Zero. If I have to calibrate emotionally, that is because too much knowledge needs to processed and I cannot filter the emotion properly until I break it down. The longest I have ever had to do so was for seven days. I operate best at nothing. I can give everything and have nothing to lose. Zero is the most powerful number in the universe. Science will figure it out eventually. From zero, you get 1. Most people do not understand this, but our computer screen right now is just a combination of 0’s and 1’s. I believe science is working on getting to the 2 point.zero
  7. If I see or hear of anyone getting bullied, I will jump right in. I don’t care if the person deserves it – that is the worst. school-bullying
  8. I see the sides of everyone if I know their perspective. I am better at providing an emotional and factual breakdown than I am making a decision. I choose to see the good in all things, but never mistake that I don’t see the bad as well. 15352_20130502_110724_pali
  9. I purge emotions daily. Therefore, what I feel, I can easily release based on being able to empathize as strong as I do with all things. letting-go1
  10. I am just a drop of water in a large pond. It makes a ripple for a time, but eventually such ripples subside. My job is nothing more than to be the drop. Water Drop Close Up With Concentric Ripples Colourful Blue And Amber Surface

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