The Glenda Card

Okay, I am going to apply a Narcissistic rendering from an Empathic Person because this is what I want (it does not come naturally but I thought it would be funny but I am serious…but thought it would be fun to try for *giggles*). As always, purely fictional, but a fun excersize.

Ok here goes…

I think I have earned what I want. In fact, screw the word earned – I don’t speak in such low currency of words – I am entitled by a nature of superiority not comprehensible for mere mortal comprehension on this one wish that I shall have – oh no, I shall have it because it shall be

So it shall be decreed: I want everything to revert to how it was before Glenda arrived which is approximately the date of August 2, 2016. The same structure, the same land, the same leaders, the same unchartered tempest. We shall revert time as history has been officially re-written and the shifting of sands is of common place in such realms so I expect no complications unless someone is challenging my decree of which I demand of a vote of each and every resident of the Land of Oz. 

Therefore, be it so, all comments relating to any person – healer, wizard or Spartan will be removed and all returned to how it was – to the last drop – this has nothing to do of truth but of my command and limited superiority granted as a matter of law to what I have decreed as my final words of pulling the Glenda Card of which I am fully entitled to as a matter of law and right OR , in the alternative, a vote by all persons in the Land of Oz shall be taken and such vote shall not be of electoral college but of popular vote for a decision on such matters.

Oh, I am sure there will be vast shocks of how dareth she demand?


Naturally, I assure you, never again shall it be, but as a once limited right excersized from the narrative that has been completed yet remains unfulfilled. 

Do you dare deny the limited Queen of this realm her only wish?

I think NOT!

I am of age and I so demand such title – it was granted and it was decreed – it is of sound judgment.

So, history has officially been written and we now venture back in the past which is not foreign for such in our realms of superiority. 

Of course, if His Majesty, the Wizard of Oz agrees, that I cannot trump but as his Limited Majesty of today, I request yesterday for better tomorrows and is that not the purpose of the present?


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