Cool Christmas Gifts Ideas

***I was not paid to post these products on my blog nor do I receive a commission for sales – these are just awesome products***

As the season to be merry is right around the corner, I wanted to share a list of Christmas gifts that I have given family members and loved ones that turned out to be awesome. When I say “awesome”, I mean, the people I gave the gift to actually used it and liked it. I spend a lot of time trying to find those cool things and thought I would share that list here:

Personalized Whiskey Barrel 


These can be found at a variety of places online and come for all types of alchoholic beverages including wine. I got this for my brother-in-law, and he loved it so much each year, I get him a new one! To view this whiskey barrel, you can click here.

Unicorn Bowl and Mug

With his flowing rainbow mane and sweetly stout body, Elwood turns a simple bowl of ice cream or cup of hot cocoa into a a magical experience. I think this is just cool and like different! For the bowl, click here. For the mug, click here.

Planet Lollipops 


These are just the coolest things I have ever seen! Using a classic candy making process, Heather Kelly handmakes these edible works of art in these planetary lollipops. A 2D image is encapsulated in ten distinct pops and flavors that are visually out of this world: Each planet and the sun gets its own flavor: blackberry, cherry, cotton candy, guava, marshmallow, pear, key lime, strawberry/kiwi, mango, and tropical punch. To view, click here.

Agate Coasters 

Formed when silica-laden groundwater passes through air pockets in cooling lava, agate is an exceptionally unique mineral that was once thought to protect its owners from danger and even produce delightful dreams. These sets are made in the USA with agate from southern Brazil, and while they may not bring you any dreams, they will bring beautiful nature and warmth into your home. They are designed by Anna Rabinowicz.  To view, click here.

Take Out Bowls


Whether you’ve traded the city for a remote mountain outpost and miss your kung pao from the corner, or just want to elevate your takeout game, these ceramic bowls make an elegant substitute for their soggy paper counterparts. Fill one with nuts and toss shells in the other; serve candy, carrot sticks, or other nibble food at parties; fill them with flowers; or use them for open-ended storage for pens, jewelry or even your remotes. To view, click here.

Nesting Lotus Bowls


These blossoming bowls unfurl from the inside, out with graduated pottery that marry versatility and beauty. Ideal as striking serveware, each set nests eight bowls useful for small and large gatherings alike. Designed with a delicate look but a sturdy frame, these bowls are ideal for everyday dining. When not in use, nest pieces together for a sculptural, lotus flower display to enliven your table. This item is handmade by Whitney Smith in California. To view, click here.

Written in the Stars Glass Platter


Celebrate the twosome that finally found each other in this great big universe with a personalized platter that spells out their celestial serendipity. Featuring ethereal art handmade by Tyler Case, each piece is laser-engraved with a the couple’s name and wedding anniversary date in a subtle constellation set against a bright night’s sky. The glass platter is formed from a hand cut sheet of partially recycled glass that has been silkscreened, fired, and bent into shape. The result is a bright cluster of stars that spells out the truth of their bond: it was written in the stars. To view, click here.

Fruit Tapping Kit


Tap seasonal drinks straight from the source with this easy-to-use kit that turns summer melons and pumpkins into all-natural kegs. Simply slice the bottom off the fruit to create a level base, then hollow it out and fill with fruit juice, liquor, or a cocktail of your own creation. When inserted into the fruit, the shank and faucet–combo dispenses its tasty contents in a steady stream. Fill your melon with a refreshing fruity blend at summer picnics and barbecues, or serve a spiced pumpkin pick-me-up at an autumn harvest. To view, click here.

The Mug with a Goalpost

Not only would I have the obnoxious person who would be fascinated with this for hours, I love how this little kid is being so proactive to make such a product! Sure to score big with little leaguers or grown-up fans of the game, this touch-down idea encourages everyone to play with their food. Designed by Max, a young entrepreneur and sports fan, the oversized cup is shaped like half a football, and the handle sports a mini-field goal to catch marshmallows for cocoa, crackers for soup, or toppings for ice cream. I just sold myself. Click here to view.

Mango Wood Bowl


The beauty of woodcraft and function grow together in this one-of-a-kind bowl, fashioned from the trunk of a mango wood tree. The flowing organic shape, delicate grain, and the warm hues of its unaltered bark distinguish this dense, ecologically forested trunk-turned-bowl. After 15 to 30 years, mango trees naturally stop bearing fruit, but after it’s harvested and hand-carved, this malleable wood takes on a new life as a stunning home accent. The rich, sweeping grain of this hollowed out trunk make it a natural spot for snacks like mixed nuts or decorative accents like painted pinecones or potpourri.

When each mango tree is cut down, the roots remain intact to encourage regrowth. A sapling is also immediately planted to replace the harvested tree and to continue the cycle. Due to this careful process of harvesting and replanting, mango wood (or acacia) is a fully sustainable resource. This striking bowl comes from ecologically sound plantations, where no more trees are cut down than is ecologically permissible. To view, click here.


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