I Dream of Bubbles

I had so much fun popping bubbles in a dream just now and have been trying to fall back to sleep and enter the same dream!!! Like bubble popping in a dream is so much more amazing than real life bubbles!!! It’s a dreamgasm!

I dream very intensely when I do dream and often will lucid dream, which I will talk about in a separate blog post. Lately, I have limited my ability to dream, which I can do as well, but this dream was half lucid and half in dream-state, which was odd. I can only fathom that this represents the duality of conflict between life and a dream state in general.

I become somewhat lucid when I was in a beautiful garden and there were all these bubbles almost suspended in movement from going higher in the sky but still moving in a stationary position. Unlike real life, the bubbles were not of risk of popping and were so beautiful in all shapes and sizes.

I stared at them with awe and then instinctively started popping them. Unlike a real bubble that dissipates so quickly before the eye can watch the burst of colors implode, in my dream each bubble I popped was animate in slow motion with rainbow colors exploding from each one! It was so amazing!

This was one of the coolest dreams I have ever had! Normally, I would say that my dreams all hold meaning, but whatever meaning this may hold is going to my subconscious as I am not going to forget the conscious memory of playfulness of bubble popping!

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