Godswill: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days


How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is a romantic comedy that features Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey who both enter into a relationship with the wrong intentions. As far as romantic comedies go, it is one of the better ones in my opinion, but the movie that a couple girlfriends and I decided we were going to incorporate was a romantic comedy since everything else was morbidly bleak.

Currently, this movie is on Netflix so watch it for free if you haven’t seen it and have a subscription!

A few of my favorite scenes from the movie that I think you will appreciate are as follows:

Tip: This one went without saying 😉

Tip: Block it before it starts.

Tip: You can’t have a couple of recordings and expect love to blossom without watering it…but I did like you the most.

Tip: It was so hard to pretend, now wasn’t it? (meaning you are not a bad boss)

Tip: All an illusion.

Tip: Not everything in the world is about you.

And alas, it ends how it begins…but I am not doing all the work to end this movie and quite frankly, am more than pleased with the ending as it was cut.

So alas, Goodbye & Godspeed.

Closing Song:

Sometimes, the biggest win is a loss.

And when I saw it, I took it.

All and Nothing. 

Love always had the answers.

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