The Difference in the Emotion of Love and Fear

Love is not fear, although both emotions were enmeshed in the same primordial energy that saturated in space free of time that eventually diverged whereby human beings, with an ability of logic and thought, must now choose between.

While might makes right in the sense of utilizing fear, it does not within truth once such fear is breached – this horrendous fear can be used to effectively bind a soul – but that, in and of itself, is a choice, but I firmly stand against that voice. Make no doubt that fear is the second most powerful emotion in all of the universes, but it will never triumph Agape. 

Of all the energies I have encountered, the differences between eros (desire) and love not within the understanding of this planet (Agape) is what I stand before you know to communicate with my love (philos – brotherly love and storgas – inherited love as between family members) to differentiate between these often convoluted versions of what most commingle “love” to be.

I got a mere glimpse of Agape in a dream maybe for the sole purpose of this communication. I assure you, Agape is the only truth.

While brewing in the primordial bowl of energy, the emotions of fear and love chose to diverge in practical application based on the inner conflict of truth.

Fear could not accept itself and transformed into pain and commanded an arousal of desire to be free of itself for a temporary state of delusion. This choice manifested as an addiction unto itself creating yearning and loathing from others as it chose to feed itself.

Love chose to accept fear and sacrifice itself for the sake of others in order to be free of itself and found harmonious joy. This is Agape and this emotion is foreign to this planet and is an energy I have felt only once in my life in a dream when I was not even aware that I myself was present within the dream. This is the love of self-sacrifice and it feeds others. This is Agape and is a million times more powerful than fear – on an earthly sphere, you feel it in your heart and the emotion is so intense it would make fear handsomely blush, but it is indestructible, which is why the fate of this world could be written with such certainty in all mainly accepted religious works – this world will end but energy (souls) can neither be created or destroyed – the choice of where your energy resides in eternity is for your own deciding. Choose wisely.

But mistake not my intentions that I am proud to be an American. I do not support the arousal of desire through pain and fear, and through the literotica and what my God chose to reveal to me, I find this to be a direct prevision of what true love is meant to be and it sickens me. Thus, it will never be supported or followed. My advice to you would be use your voice to change not dominate.

Therefore, I support Trump and America, but naturally do not support all of his appointments or titles and will not conform to such. But then again, that is why I take pride in being American – I don’t have to.

Hundreds of years ago, my ancestors were able to sense a bad situation and risked everything they had to travel to the New World – that took a lot of courage and was the ultimate of conquering fear. While it could be debated, America is a republic – not a democracy or dictatorship. That is why I support Trump with loyalty. Nothing more and nothing less.

All have invitation into my ivory tower, for a different viewpoint. But make no question where I firmly stand and hopefully such message on Saturday will resonate appropriately -if not, I quote the ordinance of exception of Shifting Sands 101 😉

Live. Die. Repeat – Ex Machina. Good movie, but overtime the narrative need not be explained in so many words but those three.

This song was not representative of the Divergence, but make no mistake, it is always nice to belong, but some of us thrive in Riding Solo as we do not settle.

So in a total eclipse of the heart, my feelings can be accurately described below.


One day, I hope to meet you in the grey. Consider this my Trade Agreement.

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