Enter Dark Cupid: The Tango

This is meant to provide comical relief and no disrespect whatsoever, but I never really felt like I was involved in a Tango – Dark Cupid initiated what I would refer to as the Cupid Shuffle…mind you, I have ZERO rythym – zero – I was a cheerleader in 8th grade and could not master a single beat rythym – I just see and hear things different, but I had a lot of friends and the squad wasn’t too competetive so I got to expierence it for a year – and let me tell you, cheerleading is EXHAUSTING – I mean, they have to stand for the entire game, do cheer after cheer even when your team is losing and it NOT easy – one of my besties was a former cheerleader for Vandy, and uttermost respect – just saying – I mean, and be cute through what I would define as physical torture? Not to mention, some serious injuries and trust have to be established in cheerleading…I swam on an Olympic training team and played “football” (aka soccer – your welcome) and no, cheerleading kicked my ass, and my girlfriend has more injuries and chronic pain than anyone I know who played sports. Cheerleaders are some champions there!

But not to rant, but just wanted to share my how I viewed the “Tango”….

For the x’s amusement



    1. Oh Gawd…well, of course, as a dedicated cheerleader to the Vipers, I naturally had a duty to know every basketball player’s first, last and middle name in addition to their date of birth and starting positions and have still archived that information in my brain to this date!


      1. Yes I do! The uniform made the tortuous year worth it!!! I would love that! Contact me via form and give me your email – I still talk to some of the former squad – but I don’t have your number!


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