The Empath Way of Saying Goodbye to a Toxic Relationship

The Incans utilized a concept called  “Kawsay Pacha“ which means “living energy” that is felt in vibrational frequencies. Certain evolved Incans could feel the emotions of others and this balanced such energy through a process referred to as “Ayni”, which refers to the energy existent in all matter (including dark matter).

When people interact with one another, their energy bubbles collide in a process the Incans refer to as “Tinkuy”. Once these bubbles collide, “Tupay” occurs whereby the two people can experience a very intense collision of energy, depending on the origin of such energy, which is foreign to both individuals in different aspects.

An Empath who has the ability to process such emotions correctly will differentiate the emotional output of another in one or two categories: Yanantin or Masintin.

Yanantin is a completely opposing energy, while Masintin is an energy similar in frequency. Especially in the case of Masintin, the Incans would apply a process known as “Tage”, which was an attempt to harmonize (or balance) the energies to a neutrality (Ground Zero). The more Masintin, the more the energies will push each other to the furthest of their own extremes that is atypical for both energies involved.

The combustion of Masintin speeds the time process whereby things can be accomplished rather quickly with more sensory and emotional knowledge to be gained by the other side that while intoxifying can lead to extreme provocation and malice and on its opposite spectrum, tolerance and kindness. An evolved Empath can absorb this energy, but it very excruciating. An Elite Narcissist can apply patience, but it will often be harder to execute. Often, opposing energies will be competing for control of time which will naturally disrupt the natural energy flow as time tries to rectify from both a clockwise and counter-clockwise perspective. The normal linear progression of time is no longer of relevance (how normals view time) and both sensory and emotional indicators that there is no other course of action but an ending is relatively indicated. This often would include if it were two people – the more energies on one side can shift the balance, but in the end, through “Tage” all will balance.

As energy can neither be created or destroyed, it can be transferred. Thus, all energy will be divided in proportion to those who interacted. Say for example one person is up against 50, the one person will receive 100% of earned energy while the outputted energy will be divided proportionally based on the mental and physical time of involvement rendered. Eventually, such energy if not adopted and watered, will fade in the background, but will make a difference proportionally as a natural reaction of “Ayni”.

The only way one knows if Tage is successful is if one energy changed in any stance regarding the other – for if one did the other has. At this point, there energy has balanced to the fullest extent possible – a mere drop that causes a ripple in a large pond – how one chooses to apply such is for their own discernment and very well one side of the spectrum may easily render such sensory or emotional rendering as “forgotten”.


Super Empath

As an Empath, our relationships with others have the ability to greatly affect our moods in an extreme way. A particularly needy friend or a toxic relationship has the ability to drain our souls from the inside out. Therefore, we have to be picky and choosy about who we let into our lives because we can go from bubbly and alive to dark and down quicker than others. I believe this ability is related to energy transference where we can absorb the emotions of others and sense what is needed quicker than other people. In effect, we can become more intimate and close with others in a shorter period of time, but this perceived closeness can also blindside us to warning signs that we bypass along the way.

Because we feel others emotions, we may not realize it until we wake up one morning and feel particularly drained because Empath’s have the ability to absorb more…

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