Friend or Fiend

With a mere dropping of the letter “R”, a friend becomes a fiend. I learned this from Patch the Pirate when I was like 5, but it is a valuable lesson I have kept with me to this day. Patch the Pirate was a Christian man who lost an eye due to cancer and wore a patch – turning lemons to lemonade since he was sick and could not work, he started a business by becoming Patch the Pirate and made audio tapes that taught Biblical lessons for kids that were much more interesting than the typical lessons of Biblical monologue. His wife and kids assumed certain characters and they were able to even open a shop the business took off so well! When my family was driving in the car, mom and dad would have Patch the Pirate on so we could listen to them.

It is always fairly clear to me to see where one’s loyalties lie – I try not to put someone in a conflicting position when the vibes match up, but as Patch the Pirate taught the difference is literally one letter.

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