Looking Towards the New Year – Setting Goals & Intentions (In Just 5 Steps)

Great advice to take to the heart starting for the New Year!

Neurodivergent Rebel

The new year will be here before we know it. For me, twenty sixteen has been a year of discovery and radical self acceptance. As I reflect on another amazing year, it is time to set intentions and look forward to what the new year may bring.

Armed with goals and intentions (instead of new year’s resolutions), twenty seventeen promises to be a year of actions and plans. I am feeling charged and ready to take on and tackle whatever the new year throws at me.

Definition of intention 

  1. :  a determination to act in a certain way :  resolve

  2. 2:  import, significance

  3. 3a:  what one intends to do or bring about b:  the object for which a prayer, mass, or pious act is offered

Source – Merriam-Webster online

My number one intention for 2017 – write more and spread…

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