Empath verses Narcissist Connections

I just had a very important realization pop up in my mind that helps explain the different ways a Narcissist and an Empath relate with people.

A Narcissist views other people as “objects” or “appliances” that provide “fuel” or “narcissistic supply” which is what a Narcissist needs in order to maintain his or her “facade”. Therefore, when a Narcissist interacts with a person in an online setting for example, a person behind an avatar is just an object or appliance. Since the Narcissist is concerned only with the fuel that is provided, they have no need to form any type of emotional connection.

For an Empath who is more giving in nature, he or she will  have an extremely differing take where all people are different and have complexities and quirks relative to who they are. In an online setting, the Empath will want to get to know who he or she is talking to, not for fuel, but to be able to emotionally connect.

Therefore, a Narcissist and an Empath execute the same type process when relating to others: the Narcissist applies a vast amount of sensory knowledge to make up for the lack of emotional spectrums, and the Empath uses more emotional spectrums than sensory knowledge, but will still need knowledge to be able to apply the correct emotions.

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