The Emotional Affair: Don’t Get Smored

Lately, I have been involved in a subject that gets me to do a lot of thinking (which I do enjoy) because for those that read my blog, my goal is to get to you to think and decide what is right or wrong for you. We all have different standards. Today, we are going to tackle the realms of an “Emotional Affair”.

When we hear the word “affair”, we immediately think of a partner being unfaithful in a physical way, and little thought is dedicated to how the physical affair began, which often is conducted by the means of an emotional affair.

Emotional vs. Physical Affair

If I had to choose between my husband having a one-night stand based on getting too drunk at a bar or an emotional affair that spans over the course of time, no question would I rather have him engage in an one-night stand – to me, this is not a sex problem, it is a drinking problem (identifying the correct issue is always crucial). If you asked my husband, the one-night stand would hands down make his face turn.

However, I found that fascinating that a man and a woman would have such differing views on the subject.

Woman, more so than men, are fully aware that an emotional affair is what starts a physical affair. An emotional affair very easily can create new pathways in the brain that can lead to danger if someone is emotionally prone to engage in the fictional realm of fantasy.

What’s the Difference Between an Emotional Affair and a Friendship?

If you have physical sex, then the friendship was not purely platonic. It is often hard to evaluate this for two people until a physical act has transpired as I am one for facts and not fiction. But all I can say, is that engaging in an emotional affair can happen before you are even aware, but staying true to your values regarding what is not acceptable is often the most important aspect.

My general rule is if I could not tell my husband about it, there is a problem.

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