How to Nicely Get Rid of a Person the Smart Way

Do you ever feel like someone is everywhere?

Like you can’t rid of that person?

Perhaps the ending of a relationship? A marriage? A friendship?

It’s that feeling of you just need space and them out of your hair.

I know I have felt that way a lot in my life.

When something is over, it is over, but to be over, you have to act over. I call act over act right as in, let’s get one’s act together!

Sadly, all of us have had  that person of which we are unable to shake. For a while, it may seem flattering, but then after a period of time, it becomes kind of annoying, right?

Here are some practical tips to be followed that I have repeatedly used in my life that seem to work pretty well for the most part of nicely getting someone to leave you alone:

IGNORE COMMUNICATIONS. Don’t email, don’t text, don’t write, don’t do anything with him or her. If you have any of his or her stuff, kindly throw it away, delete it, and don’t share it with anyone. Just cut him or her completely out – don’t give the other person the satisfaction of talking about them – don’t provoke them, don’t do anything – just let them go.

HANGOUT SPOTS. The rule is just like friends after a break-up – all goes back to the way it was before the relationship started. So let’s say your ex girlfriend hung out at O’Charley’s every Thursday night for Karaoke – boyfriend and girlfriend made it a ritual because it was something you liked to do. When the break-up happens, stop going to O’Charley’s. If you utterly just fell in love with O’Charley’s, then it’s on you to be the mature on in the hangout place. However, if you take over a hangout space like it was yours before the relationship, chances are the person you want to leave you alone will remain in your hangout space. This is where I find reciprocal treatment is always best.

COEXISTENCE. Sadly, sometimes you can’t get certain people out of your life, and will have to spend a while learning how to co-exist. In these cases, don’t write about the person, don’t respond to the person, don’t talk about the person, just ignore the person and do what you have to do work-related wise.

There are some perfectly planned relationships that seem to sizzle out around the same time where these things are followed no problem. Other relationships, depending on the feelings of the other party, can get more complicated.

Strive to be the bigger person…and think smart here.

It’s time.

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