The Garden of Fantasy: Somewhere Between Fact and Fiction

The Garden of Fantasy is a secret lush spot that lies in between the realms of fact and fiction. It’s the grey area of “what if” – the hidden desires that are never acted upon but kept secret in the hidden spots of the archived mind.

When I ponder God, single handedly, I am in awe by His imagination. How could you imagine light, dark, a star, an arm, a leg, an ant, grass, clouds, a voice- how could one have that kind of imagination? Every time I think about this, I get teary with admiration because that kind of imagination is so amazing I can’t even imagine it.

Therefore, never let your pen stop writing for what inspires you…because fiction will always remain fiction. When a reader identifies a story that he or she likes, it is because, in some way, he or she identifies with the characters or the situation…i.e. the fantasy…it sparks interest.

If someone submit’s a fictional story that they take as fact then that is his or her problem. If an author’s fictional story inspires the reader’s fantasy, that is an author’s cue for well-done!  In every story, there is always truth and inspiration, but that does not change the product being a work of fiction. At this point, the author has accomplished the insurmountable as the reader has built on the author’s act of fiction for their own story of fiction.

Lately, I have written some stories and thought, “Oh my goodness – if those stories were thought to be fact…that would be awful!” As writers, we are often inspired in different ways by people and things of which one can personally relate to, but it is all fictional.

Authors should not have to question whether their work is taken as fiction or fact by a reader. Below is a diagram that I made that would accurately reflect what I am talking about: when the author becomes the muse. 



The veil that separates fact from fiction will always be transparent in the Garden of Fantasy, but if another author writes their own fiction from another author’s fiction, then it is still all fiction.

This premise is also referred to by phycologists as Escapism.

Escapism is the tendency to seek distraction and or relief from unpleasant realities, by the means of entertainment (movies) or engaging in fantasy. This can also be referenced in my my blog post referring to using imagination to combat odd situations that can be read here.


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