Divine Intervention: Who is Here for Who

There are certain things in life I would tell you were such bad ideas that you should never attempt them; but I am not a risk taker, and every time I do something even borderline, it seems catastrophic in some sense. As of late, the situation that has transpired as of late is something never in a million years I could have predicted.

Yet as of late, the strangest most bizarre thing has been happening that I can only explain as divine intervention.

Somehow, I managed to get myself in a prickly situation and attracted some different energy that I was not familiar with (but nooooo, didn’t stop me one bit)! However, there was one person in particular today that astounded me and I have to admit I was dead wrong.

If you are in negative relationship, exit it immediately. It is not wise to think about how the other feels and try to wait it out to avoid “hurting them”. In fact, by doing so, you can’t even contemplate how your remaining in that relationship does affect the other person in a way that negatively puts more work on his or her shoulders.

If you remain in such a relationship, I am of the opinion today that you are doing so for your selfish gains of not hurting someone else and that is not right when it comes to dynamics of the heart that one does not understand. People can feel when you don’t want to be there and that hurts them too or at the very least, imposes additional work on their shoulders.

Therefore, you have to be true to yourself in some cases. Don’t think about the other person’s feelings of hurting them because it is more painful overall to remain somewhere you don’t want to be. When this was applied in the inverse to me, I have to say it was quite awful. 

However, it was accurately identified that the arrogance of “pride” can blind you from what you need to do. I do believe that to be correct. Whether it be pride or worrying about hurting another, if you are sitting there suffering in a relationship to where someone has to carry you through it, you are imposing more obligation on the other party in what may be perceived as an attempt to not hurt another person – but that is a fallacy in your own mind – not theirs and no one should do that to another person – it’s worse than breaking up with someone their own self.



I was wrong. 

I’m impressed actually.

I am not afraid to say when I was wrong, but being true to yourself actually showed to be more loving in consideration than contemplating the perceived reality of the other person being hurt regardless of rules or stipulations because at the end of the day, if someone knows you, the feeling of having to remain without desiring to be is absolutely worse than just leaving. I mean, there were a few other jib-jabs there, but this concept hit me loud and hard in reflection, and I value a friend who points things out for another person that helps them. And this concept was dead-on.

**Scratching head** Who came for who again? 

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