Weening Down from a Narcissistic Relationship: Understanding the Limbo Stage Before No Contact

Super Empath

If you have been involved in a Narcissistic Relationship whether romantic, friendship, familial or otherwise, there are multiple points where your gut instincts will say, “Uh-oh…get out and get out now of this relationship!”

And even when the relationship is over, many Narcissistic abuse victims will feel ashamed to admit that they still have contact with their ex-Narc or frequently check the ex-Narc’s social media pages.

This is normal. You are not doing anything wrong. 

The “No Contact” advocates, while correct in the overall goal, all largely miss the mark in the most important stage of recovery of Narcissistic Abuse that is largely ignored of what I shall hereby refer to as “LIMBO”.  I hope with more awareness, it can be explored by true professionals, of which I am not. I just practice Extreme Empathy.

What is Limbo?

Limbo is when you know you need to move out of your Narcissistic relationship, but are still caught…

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