Moving Out: the Reflections of Changing Homes

I always get sad when I move, even when I am more excited about the next destination than I am where I currently reside. Moving in general sucks, and I doubt anyone looks forward to the labor associated in that regard. Right now, the house is in shambles as we embark on the hardest part of the transition phase where you have one foot both in and out the door.

Sitting around today, I look at the boxes sprawled out all over our house ready to put them in the truck tomorrow to depart to the new abode…and then we will be moving not long after that out of state again so it is yet another temporary abode in all likelihood. I try not to think about that or I will just get completely overwhelmed and unmotivated!

Upon entering the new home, unpacking feels like it will be the most excruciating part of the ordeal (considering I didn’t really do any of the packing hehe:) – but I want to unpack and get everything organized and and settled in the new place. This is always the exciting part for me. We had fantastic movers, who did all the work packing but that just means there is more work in unpacking and throwing things away.

But for some reason, I just wanted to get out of this house before before I did anything. And in truth, my husband spoils me to death in the regard and got it all handled as he knows how I can be.

Living where we have has been difficult for a variety of reasons most attributable to having skids. It’s just not a full-time area for kids. We have the Alcatraz gates, the huge and empty space, no one swims in the pool, the trash is a mile away…it just is not conducive – it’s large and cold not cozy and homy.

SS13 and I also shared something in common in this move…we were both kind of useless when it came to packing.

To do anything but pack, we threw a water batter trying to get it to land on the top.

I asked him, “Are you excited about moving?”

He said, “Yea, just wish it was already here.”

“Me too,” I said.

We both agreed to be the unpackers.

This will be a good change, and has been a long time in coming…but there is always that twang when I see everything in boxes – it’s that inertia state of being stagnant while also moving forward.

The skids have to change schools mid-year as well, but they are optimistic. One thing about growing up with their mother is I can say those kids are resilient to most anything…in many ways, sometimes I feel like more of the child as I say goodbye to this place that while I did not really like, lived for years of my life.

Another chapter in what feels like the millions of places I have been and will continue to go…

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