Me, Myself, I and Time

Most see time as a linear progression because of death, but time is circular – the past and the future are bound to repeat throughout the eons of history. It is the natural order.

There are some people that seem to possess advantages with situations that in my observance is namely attributable to a “gift of timing” if you will. Time is not about speed; it is about truth which existed before time. History is easily re-written by the victors.

I cannot tell you logically why some rare and extraordinary people I have met dance through time similar to what I can only compare to Michael Jackson dancing – I always feel the music dancing to him more than him dancing to the music.

Truth merely bounces back and forth like light where we see the light at our own timing.

Time is a subjective trigger for each of us that while the actual event happens on a precise date, the message will hit us at different points in time when truth shines its all preserving light.

This process is what I refer to as when truth meets time in the middle.

While meditating a couple of days ago, I connected a large piece of truth that I had overlooked earlier. I used to get irritated about these things because I felt off-sync with timing, but realized that we do not react to time, time reacts to us, and it’s always perfect in its application even when it feels off or un-balanced. That means it’s meant to be as the light shows itself differently based on what the eye can see and the heart comprehends.

So, in the end, our dance in life is with time based on the truths made manifest to our own conscious understanding.

Thus, this is how my dance in time sounds today.


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