Strength Without Wisdom

Make no mistake: I wish I didn’t have to be the stronger person, I really do.

I wish you could take the burden of others from me, that you actually had the strength to feel you and me inside of you. Your energy is unique, but in every interaction, the weakness, the shame, the pain, I absorb from you when you inflict it upon me. So different in motive from each of you to me, yet paradoxically the same primordial chaos of confusion to feel strength in another’s loss.

Might makes right yet, does it suffice you? Does it fill you with everlasting peace?

Of course not.

It is why you roam in relentless torment with the need to feed, fearing in anguish the inevitable ending of such timeless existence when the abyss eclipses those that remain.

Hell is of your making: it exists in your mind. In the end, you will be alone by your own doing and chosen design. You live it now. Everyday. Flipping a bandaid to wane the truth, yet there is another way that you fear to take.

So now, you know why I take your exploitations in hope to take that burden from you.

Shame me. Wane me. Pain me. Tame me. Lame me. Game me.

When you are empty there lies nothing to take and everything to give.

What a shame you have forgotten the art you taught me albeit eons ago.

But everyday, there is nothing more that I wish than you being the stronger one.

In a past life, you were the stronger one for me, and as so, I am here for you now.

My fear and impeding regret is that I am not as patient or strong as you once were, and I will not be able to pull you out as you once had done for me.

Don’t you remember telling me eons ago, “Strength without wisdom falls by its own weight?”

I do wish you could remember.

And everyday, I miss the you that was always stronger than me.

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