Fictional Story on the Movie Labyrinth After Shooting


Hannah Swan and David Zigger sat in the office of Phycologist Dr. Steve Howards office after completing the final scenes of the Labyrinth. David Ziggler had played Jareth, the Goblin King while Hannah was casted as Sarah Williams. Per the director, both David and Hannah were to attend therapy sessions together while shooting to discuss the themes in movie pursuant to a condition set by Hannah’s parents based on the darker themes of the movie upon her being casted.

Dr. Howard began, “So Hannah, now that this is our last session as shooting has commenced, how do you feel about the film as a whole and how it affected your life?”

“Well, the point of the movie was for Sarah—” Dr. Howards cut her off, “We are not talking about Sarah, we are talking about you, Hannah. How did the whole experience affect you as a person?”

“Can David go first?” Hannah suggested.

David interjected almost immediately, “Luv, this was your parent’s condition, not mine. I rarely speak and am just here for moral support of my fabulous co-star,” he said as he patted her on the back and continued fiddling with his itinerary black book.

Dr. Howards shook his head in agreement and motioned for Hannah to continue.

“Well, I break up shooting into two groups: the first and the second. The first I was there to save Toby. The second was more to gain understanding to make sense of what happened while still being true to my values since I was somewhat on an emotional rollercoaster, trying to figure out what the Labyrinth was to rectify confliction in my own mind.”

“Let’s talk about the first shooting then, Hannah,” Dr. Howards suggested.

“Aside from when I walked off-set?” Hannah cringed.

Oh no,” David interjected, “I think it would be good to hear about that as well.”

Dr. Howards nodded his head unison.

Hannah sighed. “Well, it was very intimidating. I am a child and casted with the great David Ziggler, and I believe he had two understudies, but I don’t know for sure. I could tell the other casted goblins were not happy with my presence and was really sensitive to that because I was completely new. Sarah always trusted Jareth, well, until the end, but he always was the nicest to her despite his dark lord tendencies. I think in reflection now, it was all supposed to be that way because they are goblins acting on the great Goblin King’s orders or maybe rotate as Goblin Kings. It was complicated with the various scripts changing, and I just eventually backed out.”

David gloated sourly, “So I take that as your threat to break the contract and get lawyers involved when you were to be re-casted is what you would define as backout out? Figuratively, the goblins were in a state of panic as you could imagine, Dr. Howards, but I never was.”

Hannah got defensive. “David, I have no idea how the Labyrinth was set-up and even after three months on set, am still clueless on the facts, although I know a little more from experience, but I think that was what I was supposed to experience in the Labyrinth. I mean, besides trying to save Toby.”

Dr. Howards nodded, “David, did you feel that way?”

“Indeed,” David assertively agreed.

Dr. Howards continued, “Now, Hannah—”

Hannah interjected. “David did not answer the question.”

Dr. Howards cleared his throat, “Now, Hannah—”

David looked up from his blackbook and said, “Not a problem, Dr. Howards – I shall answer: there is a force in what you say.”

What a non-descriptive answer, Hannah thought to herself as she rolled her eyes.

“Moving forward,” Dr. Howards started again, “so Hannah, describe your generalization of the Labyrinth itself. You somewhat got thrown into it without much time to review the filming conditions so we should discuss that. How did it affect you?”

“As myself or my character?”

“As Sarah.”

“Well, Sarah is there to save Toby, so that gives her strength, but the Goblin King doesn’t care and wants to keep Sarah in the Labyrinth by control and thwart her from getting Toby—” Dr. Howards interrupted her, “Your feelings, Hannah. Please talk about your feelings.”

“Oh, I thought you said a generalization from Sarah’s perspective.”

“Yes, precisely,” David chimed in of which Dr. Howards nodded approvingly.

“Um…I think the directors are insane, but they claim to be insane so that is good in a way if you know what I mean,” Hannah said, trying to put realistic terms into the events that had just transpired.

“You said that so calmly but your tone indicates your upset,” David observed unamused, “Why ever would you be upset, Hannah?”

“Well, I think the political way to say this is I am grateful for the opportunity, but somewhat wished it had never happened?”

Dr. Howards shook his head in agreement although it was clear he had no memory of what was being discussed.

“Were there any positive experiences on your end?” Dr. Howard inquired.

“Absolutely,” Hannah said optimistically.

“What were the negatives?” Dr. Howard inquired.

“I choose to focus on the positives. There were so many goblins it was impossible for me to distinguish who did what,” Hannah reflected sweetly.

“Sarah, goblins as people or people as goblins?” Dr. Howards asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Sorry, actors and actress casted as goblins. When in full costume I couldn’t tell them apart. They switch roles too – usually at the beginning and end – in the middle they went back to their chipper selves.”

Dr. Howards nodded. “Hannah, describe Jareth’s attitude to you on set?”

“Which day?” Hannah asked astutely.

“It seemed like you developed a trust with Jareth relatively quickly,” Dr. Howards began, “Why was that?”

“Well, in my case, this was the second film I had ever been involved with so when a problem arose, why would I go ask Goblins when the Goblin King was there? Further, that is who had the answers regarding Toby.”

David inquired, “Do you still trust David today?”

“No,” Hannah said flatly.

“Well, you were acting like a borderline nut job half the time dearie!” David trilled, “But I didn’t come out and say that to you!”

Hannah stifled a laugh as there emerged the alligator, “That was always kind of the problem – never knowing when David was being David or the Jareth, the Goblin King. This was a major source of contention and made shooting even more arduous. Still to this day on re-shoots I can’t put my finger on it – but if I can’t work out, I can’t work out. Such is life.”

David scoffed. “Well, you rejected me for playing Jareth’s part.”

Hannah sighed again, “No David – you had your agents do this and with your level of control freakism, I am sure you were at the core somewhere. If it wasn’t, you should have better control of your goblins. This was just to extract you know what – I am actually not an idiot.”

Dr. Howards coughed, “David, how would you rate Hannah’s performance?”

“Delicious. She performed exactly as anticipated which is why I regretfully gave her the opportunity and we will be casting newbie nomads from here forward,” David pointedly remarked, back lost in his narrative neglecting the epic failure of several independent variables.

“Care to elaborate?” Hannah prodded.

“What was that Ms. Viciousness Parasite?” David hissed.

Those true colors always do show one way or the other, Hannah thought to herself.

Dr. Howard looked at her sternly. “Hannah, it doesn’t seem like you are being a reciprocal co-star with David. That does not speak well of you.”

David nodded approvingly.

“There is no point to speak at this point,” Hannah said.

“Well,” Dr. Howards observed, “You wouldn’t want to criticize David.”

“Why doesn’t David talk more about himself? I’d love to hear David’s version of events on this one.”

Dr. Howards ignored her. “Moving on, so do you feel Sarah had to hide her emotional self in the Labyrinth?” Dr. Howards inquired curiously. “This could explain some of your blatant hostility.”

“Not at all. However, I would say everyone would act differently if you got thrown into the ocean with great white sharks circling you than you would sitting here talking to me, wouldn’t you say, Dr. Howards?” Hannah replied ever so sweetly.

Dr. Howards ignored her snide remark. “What advice would you give to other Labyrinth takers?”

“Do not enter, do not collect go and if you do, God have mercy on your soul,” Sarah said quickly.

“What ending did you want for Jareth and Sarah in the Labryinth?”

“Without knowing the terms it is impossible to contemplate. I think overall, the shooting went well, it was a success and may spark intuitive new directions in the future.”

Dr. Howards cut Sarah off. “Would Jareth and Sarah get together in a sequel?”

Hannah thought for a second, “It depends who the screenwriter is – it’s all about who is controlling the narrative! Acting is not real life, Dr. Howards, but emotions can get intermingled if you let it and actors have been known to fall in-love on-set in real life. David and I – well, I think Labyrinth had a fitting ending in retrospect.”

David yawned, therapy was going longer today for sure, but it was the last day of filming and was to be expected…it always was, but he had to interject, “Hannah, darling, you do realize that you have been rambling about impractical non-sense.”

“E-rr yes, Hannah. This is odd talk from you. I am not sure your therapy should conclude,” Dr. Howards mimicked.

Hannah stood up defiantly. “Dr Howards! This is the last session, you asked me to open up on how I feel and — David?” she said as she looked to her co-star for moral support since he obviously had Dr. Howards wrapped around his finger.

David didn’t look up as he scribbled something in his blackbook, She has seized the power, Dr. Howards – I think that about wraps it up?”

Dr. Howards scribbled in his notebook and nodded approvingly. Hannah universally agreed with David – thank God this was the last session…or so she hoped.

“David, how do you relate with your character Jareth?” Dr. Howards asked.

Dr. Howards glared at Hannah again which seemed to delight David as he stood up to make his presentation widely evident, seeing Hannah’s obvious disdain in Dr. Howards favoritism: “The Goblin King is the star. I represent an objectified dark reality within Hannah –”

Hannah interjected, “You mean Sarah.”

“Yes, very well, a dark reality within Sarah that required the wearing of many masks for her to feel the force of what you say. It is a battle of light and darkness and biting the apple of the forbidden fruit while all the while realizing that the Goblin King had no control over her while maintaining all the control of her at all times.”

“David,” Dr. Howards gushed, “That was a remarkable description. You just are the master of greatness.”

“Thank you, Steve. Always a pleasure.”

Dr. Howards blushed, “You know, I hate to ask that but can you sign a record for me—well, my son – he is a fan of Siggy Ztardust and I just hate to ask, you’re my-his hero and I just…”

David raised his hand and nodded affirmatively, “Say no more and consider it done.”

Hannah sat there staring blatantly in disbelief.

Dr. Howards cleared his throat, “Now, Hannah. Is there anything else that you would like to talk about?”


“Who is Toby?”

“The reason Sarah was in the Labyrinth in the first place.”

“You mean yourself as a child that you see reflected as Toby because there is obviously a mental disorder lurking underneath your girlish charms – but why a masculine child and not a feminine girl such as yourself?”

“Very good observation, Doc,” David agreed.

“Why would Toby’s character be of relevance to you?” Dr. Howards asked Hannah curiously.

“Nevermind,” Hannah muttered. She would figure out how to save her stepson by observing and watching. Maybe she would even write her own screenplay after the fact.

Dr. Howards stopped scribbling and looked up, “Sarah, please explain the reason for the change of tone?”

“There was no change of tone, Dr. Howards.”

“Sarah, luv, yes there was,” David agreed.

“You mean, Hannah.”

“Precisely,” David and Dr. Howards said in unison.



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