Making the Darkness Conscious Within and From Without

Super Empath

Carl Jung states, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” For an Empath, this quote is one I carry close to my heart. Empath’s possess God’s healing power of love, but before it can be harnessed to help, the Empath must have gone back inside his or her self and made sure that their own darkness has been made concious. I have never helped someone and not received knowledge of myself in the process as an added gift. It is never an accident who we are brought together with in our life’s journey – and in the beginning, sometimes neither are happy about the arrangement at all.

Empaths are emotional conductors. Our intuitive abilities allow us to first recognize the darkness in other’s subconscious mind. Once that darkness has become conscious to the other, the Empath is able to reflect his or her borrowed light into the other’s darkness similar to the way…

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  1. For a long time, I felt like God put my ex-boyfriend into my life. After he treated me horribly I continued to try to be his friend. I read the book Disarming the narcissist by Wendy Behary. I prayed for him, I prayed for myself. I started therapy. I tried so hard to communicate with him and to understand him. During the entire 15 months this man was in my life he was unkind and inconsiderate, to say the least. He betrayed me a final time and I realized he was going to bring me down with him. Do I regret being there for him? Yes and No. I regret being there for a person that did not genuinely care about the friendship I was offering. Ask yourself questions. Have I been asked for the help I am offering? Am I appreciated? Don’t give more of yourself than you can afford to lose. You could end up as empty as the person you have tried to help. I’ve been there.


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