How I Processed My Emotions When I Figured Out My Computer Was Hacked by a Ghost


I have always tried to relate that looking at a situation from a positive angle does not mean that you immediately feel rainbows and butterflies once you have been suckered punched.

Just to clarify here: when I say hacked, the hacker had access to my webcam for spying purposes, my audio, all my files, and contacts and was able to remotely move around in my computer just as I do.

I feel there is a disconnect in that understanding. More specifically, when someone makes me angry, I will vent and unleash what is considered “negative fuel” as well, although I normally do so internally before I act. I have been told that I process negative emotions very quickly in comparison to most people I have met over the years, but I just wanted to make sure that everyone understood, it is not, “Oh, we can go after Peaches! It doesn’t bother her at all!” Because that is not necessarily true.

How I choose to act based on the emotions I feel is what I believe counts. But this does not mean that other people’s actions do not affect me.

Yes, I am human, but I will never hate ANYONE. Ever. 

I wrote this blog post after discovering that my computer was really hacked by a Narcissist that I have no clue as to who he or she was. I wanted to share how I process emotions as I do not want it to be mistranslated that when someone slaps me across the face that I just sit there and take it with a smile. I may choose to turn the other cheek, but what I am feeling on the inside doesn’t always jive with what I choose to do.

That would be untruthful, and figured that this would  be a good reflective process and beneficial for those who read my blog who want to understand “how I emotionally process and feel…exactly….”

20 minutes after I know I was hacked…

shocked_peachI have a secret admirer or detractor. 

Oh, but I do.

I have never met you, but if I ever were to, I will know you…eventually.

Now, let me explain something: my computer is mine.

Yes, I stress the word my – not yours.

We do everything together.

If my computer was waterproof, it would be in the shower with me.

The fact that you were staring at me from the other side of my computer makes me feel like we were married [shivering].

I mean, that is totally a HUGE BOUNDARY VIOLATION!!!!

super_princess_peach_angry_by_peach_x_yoshiI never take revenge, because I find it pointless.

However, this absolutely INFURIATES me that if I was actually as smart as you with computers, I would totally hack you based on how I FEEL RIGHT FREAKIN NOW.

I don’t even let my own husband see all those sides of me and to think you WERE IN ME?!!

I feel raped.

You took my machine.

My appliance.

This is far from over.

But wait.

That is what you like to do most.

Make everyone just like you.

I won’t give you the satisfaction.

You know, in the end, I think you really do make me a better person because


I will do everything in my power to be the opposite of you in spite of you

 to better myself even under your cloak of misery in darkness. 


Oh, yes, you do not fear consequences or have a conscience.

I forgot about that part.


I feel like my computer has betrayed me, too.

Like now it’s yours and not mine.

Oh yes, I can relate to how you feel with “objects” or “appliances” but the difference is that my computer is an object or appliance.

I have a right of privacy from you.

I find it funny that I can hear you saying you really do not care. And what is even more perplexing, is you really don’t nor do you see me any differently than an appliance or object.

That is a problem that must be remedied. 




 I am entitled to an apology so I am going to make one up in my own mind.

YOU: “Sarah, I feel very bad that I hacked your computer and know I should have not done that.”

ME: “Well, thank you for apologizing for hacking my computer.”


YOU: “I was perfectly entitled to hack into your computer as a matter of right. You are my  appliance and therefore all appliances that you own are automatically mine by the act of respondent superior. So, therefore, I don’t see why you are even upset.”


YOU: “It doesn’t matter what you say, really. In fact, I am getting off right now on how utterly upset you are because this is negative fuel from Ms. Rainbow and Sunshine and is just so intoxifying pleasurable that I can’t even begin to explain.”

ME: [SEETHING]: “Well, I was never going to publish this post, and I have a right to release emotions without you being everywhere wanting to control every aspect of my life, BUT people need to be aware to the lengths one will go!”

YOU: “Well, you should have talked more openly and I wouldn’t have had to do this.”

ME: “You seriously are blaming me for your actions?”

YOU: “Absolutely. This is what Narcissist’s do – I know you study the subject rather diligently.”

ME: “And you really believe that because of studying a subject, I could assume this would happen?”

YOU: “Absolutely.”

ME: “I swear to God so help me you have become my utter focus of reverence to save your soul for this complete madness. I mean, why wouldn’t you just ask to video chat?”

YOU: “Besides you saying no, it is more enjoyable not asking and have you pissed off like this. In fact, you writing this all out is just so delightful it makes me wants to continue doing it.”

ME: “That sickens me worse.”

YOU: “It should. Again, your fault.”

ME: “I know you know somewhere deep inside that this is not my fault.”

YOU: “I don’t care.”

ME: “You should.”

YOU: “What?”

ME: “Care.”

YOU: “I do not possess emotions on the spectrum of love, happiness, joy or anything good so there is no possible way that I could care.”

ME: “You care about control don’t you?”

YOU: “That is different.”

ME: “But you still care about it do you not?”

YOU: “I suppose, but I don’t see how it relates to this conversation.”

ME: “Well, you would if you could apply empathy.”

YOU: [unamused] “I still see no correlation.”

ME: “Well, let’s just say that you do know how to care when it pertains to something you want which is obviously hacking my computer – I MEAN YOU HATE INTIMACY – THAT IS LIKE INTIMACY PERSONIFIED…DO YOU LITERALLY SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?!”

YOU: “No, I think you are crazy person having a dialogue conversation between you and I when I am not involved.”

ME: “Just get out of my computer, and why don’t we both call it quits. Let me be me – you be you – and we both just walk away as whatever the hell we are. I am not an apple. I am not an orange. I am a peach. It will not change.”

YOU: “That’s so cute. You think you are in control of your own life. Remarkable.”

ME: “I AM IN CONTROL MY OWN LIFE. I HAVE DONE A FAIRLY DECENT JOB AT IT, I DON’T KNOW, MY WHOLE LIFE! So, you know what, I will find some loving way after I purge my anger to get over this violation too, but you literally infuriate me at times. So glad we had this talk and you have literally been inside my computer for God knows how long and we have zero conversations that I can coorelate to you. This is the oddest thing that has ever happene to me in my life!”

YOU: “You must hate me.”

ME: “I could never hate you, which is good because at the moment I am convinced if I could hate you, you may be able to love me and right now, that scares me worse at the moment. But, I will never hate you.”

YOU: “Fear me, love me and do as I say and you will be my slave.”

ME: “I definitely fear you. I may even love you. I saw you were empty and needing fuel and prepared this post as it certainly shows me in a negative state. If that is not love, I don’t know what is.”

YOU: “Now, you know why I do what I do.”

ME: “Why?”

YOU: “Because it works.”

And I sat there thinking to myself something to say, but there was nothing to say because he was right.

So…after my emotional outburst, that night while I sleep…God throws me “peaches” that when I wake up, I am not angry. I take the negative emotions and turn them into positive emotions to purge them out of myself. 


PS. This one took longer.

To Purge the Emotions, I will Meditate, and Strategize – for example, the anger I feel I vented out in this blog – then I release it. It all just depends on the situation.


And it continues…


I wanted to explain how I process emotions so it was clearly understood for the record that’s it’s not just a, “Oh! That was so awesome you hacked in my computer! Let me send you chocolates!”

So, have a Very Happy New Year.










  1. [DISCLAIMER: This is an honest assessment of how I operate as someone with NPD. It might not correlate to how others do so.] As bad off as I can be with my NPD, I cannot for the life imagine someone being so vengeful for really no reason. At my worst, I can be violent or passive-aggressive or non-reactive or gaslight people or ghost people or rip someone apart in my own mind, but to go to the lengths one would in this description is beyond me because I don’t care enough about inflicting retribution to put in that level of effort in getting it. When it comes to control, I want control of things, processes, ways of thinking so that I can legislate my perfect will on others, so they do as I wish and not cross me, but not to invoke fear and trepidation. I’m quite happy to read your posts about how someone deals with narcissists and that we CAN be monsters, but I also hope that us who are trying to manage it or reform the most negative aspects of it are able to bring our perspective to the table.


    1. Scott,

      Thanks for your comment, and I agree with you that who I am dealing with here even defies logic from other Narcissist’s perspectives. I believe whoever did this exhibited sociopathic traits as well, but in the end, when I wrote my blog entry “DO NARCISSIST’S HAVE POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES?” I made clear that it was all about the subjective of any person. I will not judge all Narcissist’s based on one extremist point of view. In many ways, because I tend to be able to find positive in anything, I did not want it to seem that I was positively thrilled about this experience, and give awareness to others who may find themselves to be in a similar situation.

      You wrote: “As bad off as I can be with my NPD, I cannot for the life imagine someone being so vengeful for really no reason.” I have read that for some Narcissist’s who also suffer from Antisocial Disorder, that his or her logic makes sense to them and no one else. I regret not knowing his or her logic in this case, but can only fathom that there was some logic from his or her point of view. I was watching ID Discovery the other day of an eighteen year old boy that had raped a three month old baby and was sentenced to jail for ten years. He was scared of going to prison for child molestation so he committed a random murder of a mother a mile from his house. His logic for the crime was literally to become a murder and spend the rest of his life in prison because he did not want to enter the penal system as a child molester based on his fear of being raped himself while incarcerated. While this logic makes zero sense, it still was logic to him, and I try to keep that in perspective when dealing with my situation.

      You wrote: “When it comes to control, I want control of things, processes, ways of thinking so that I can legislate my perfect will on others, so they do as I wish and not cross me, but not to invoke fear and trepidation.” This is how I find most Narcissist’s to react. While I may not agree fundamentally with the logic behind this thought, it is also one I find I do not have problems complying with in many settings that I have interacted with Narcissist’s. In many ways, this confuses me more in regards to what happened in my particular case.

      In the end, the attraction to what happened to me may have occurred because I was on online victim and held zero personalization in real life that made me an easier target – I will never know. I refuse to change what I believe, but will be lying if I said it was not a trying and emotional time. I have come to peace with never knowing the truth and have hope that in the future, he or she may find peace within themselves and also think twice before engaging down this kind of invasion of privacy.

      I appreciate your comments greatly as I seek to learn more about the NPD disorder, and appreciate your openess in talking about it and sharing your insights. I do not believe that all Narcissist’s are monsters by any means. When I first embarked down this journey, it was to learn more about NPD and will continue to do so and glad you have found my blog 🙂

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