See ya’, 2016. It was nice knowing you.

Postmortem Missives

Where do we go from here?


Once you’ve fully understood that the relationship with the disordered character was never going to be a happy one because it was all a lie and they are a giant ass-hat, you get to make the choice to give yourself permission to wave it away because now you know that it was all nonsense.

You accept that this was a painful lesson that you never should have learned in this way, but it really was the only way to finally learn it. The person who so carelessly discarded you does this to everyone. It was not personal, even though it felt incredibly personal. Their callous and capricious behaviors are absurd. Go ahead and evict that person from your life forever, it’s really ok in this situation. Then grieve the parts of you that were harmed. Then get back to being fucking awesome.

Now that…

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