Shun the Non-Believer

Poor Charlie.

This is one of my favorite videos from years ago, and is both regretfully and admirably fitting to reflections of 2016 as recounted in 2017. However, I am going deep into analytical reflection in this video that currently was the subject of a question I could not answer as of late.

More specifically, I am not a fan of black and white thinking because of it’s adherence to extremity, but do believe there are times where you have to excersize extremities. Looking at a period of your life and assigning it to a write-off is one thing I do not like doing; however, let’s say you go somewhere and you meet a whole bunch of people – ok, so the same person some may find utterly repugnant is perhaps somebody that you do or do not – it’s all a matter of personal taste in reality.

Well, in order to avoid black and white thinking, the obvious answer would be to hand comb the good apples from the bad apples (based entirely on your own definition of course as the nature of good and evil which can get, at best, very convoluted), but, as I have come to discover, this is an arduous task that doesn’t seem to produce quick results easily when applied in an online fashion.

What is funny in this video is Charlie – besides having a New York accent (which is just strange for a unicorn), Charlie constantly gets suckered into various obstacles by two cracked-out unicorns that couldn’t tell left from right if their life depended on it….or could they?

In many ways, Charlie represents the “conflicted unicorn” but the interesting characters are really the other two unicorns who want Charlie to travel to Candy Mountain. Despite his better judgment, Charlie the Unicorn travels there to discover that Candy Mountain does indeed exist. While shocked when he realizes as such, he is then trapped and loses a kidney.

So the question is, do the other two unicorns know that they are leading Charlie to loss of a kidney or are they so cracked out they have no clue?

At first, I thought there was no way possible that the other two unicorns could not know.

I was wrong.

And that actually scares me.

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