I Am Here Now – Trip to the Bookstore!

Whenever I get “down”, there are one of two things I do that automatically fixes the problem: 1) I go underwear shopping OR I go to the bookstore. I can never do both on the same day or I lose the power. Don’t ask me why, but every time I try to cheat it backfires. Anyways, not to get distracted…

So, this time, I opted to go to the bookstore. Call me old-fashioned, but does anyone else prefer an actual book to an ebook or is it just me? I just love the way a real book feels.

An ebook is great, but nothing beats the feel of a book to me. Plus, you can tell a lot about the author by the cover, paper, style, and font, etc. I am so weird about stuff like that, but it is one of my nerdy quirks if you will.

Anyways, whenever I travel, I have at least five or six books in my carry-on bag. My husband thinks I am insane as I can just bring my kindle, but one of my favorite things to do in the world is read an actual book on an airplane. Of course, as far as carrying the books around the airport isn’t always the most fun, but it’s worth it when I get on the plane so I can read!!!!

So currently on my reading list is:

51jorfa-odl-_sx322_bo1204203200_ and dialectic-of-agony

I have started to read Echo and like it! It is the first fiction book I have read in almost two decades so I am taking it slow and savoring it!

So, while at the bookstore, I decided to try different for me and ended up walking out with I am Here Now, which is a creative mindfulness guide and journal. Okay, I will not lie, I think these books are kinda, well, you know…cheesy at best, but gave it a shot. So far, I have gotten thus far and am having a lot more fun with it than I thought.

So I took the Mindfulness Quiz and if I did the Math right (which should be checked for sure), I scored a 45! It was a fun quiz!


So then, I had to draw clouds that represent feelings and as you can see am an AWFUL drawer…


I do not want to do this activity…lol, but I will…but I don’t wanna…


And a cool discovery is I learned a new awesome word: Vorfreude. It’s my new fave.


For those of you who seek to learn empathy (eh…hmmm), buy this book – do it with your partner. It is a lot of fun, and while cheesy, there is room for those moments too. If you are good at drawing you will enjoy it a lot more as well and can make it super pretty!

I also bought


Now, I know the title may seem aghast, and I do not feel that way, but the book stood out to me because for one: 1) it was bright yellow, hardback, and the first sentence read: “Most people read self help books, or come to see shrinks, because they can’t solve their problems after trying very, very hard to do it themselves.”  

I burst out laughing. Sold. 

I always read the first sentence of a book and skim through it and can tell if I will like it or not – needless to say, going to the bookstore is a long process for me – hours. I could stay all day, but very carefully select my books of choice.

But, it goes without saying that when you walk into a bookstore, there are hundreds and hundreds of books so getting your book noticed is important, and I pay close attention to that.

I also bought Buddha’s Book of Meditation


Out of all religions, I bond with Buddhism the least, but decided that I needed to study it more. This is a fluffy Buddhism book and I am halfway through (I read five or six books at the same time) when I get light and fluffy books, and for me all my selections were light and fluffy.

I also bought a journal shaped in the form of an S that stands for Secrets.


Since my computer is hacked, I am resorting to keeping up with my feelings and other things the old-fashioned way in a new journal just for that, but thought it was the cutest thing in the world that the book was shaped in such a way! It made me motivated to get writer’s cramp…lol.

I’ll post reviews when I get done!

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