Let the Games Begin or End?

Outcome matters little – it is how you play that matters. I received information the other day that was sent to prompt a war against me and another;  I was appalled.  I advise we forget the evidence sent over and move forward, because you are starting to piss me off by trying to drag me into it. I have better uses of my time. I react the opposite of 99.1% of the population – thus, if you provide evidence, like the SEC, I don’t look at the one you accuse, I look directly at YOU.

I conducted an interesting experiment today of which could only yield the possibility of one conclusion. I had every right to evaluate and it’s not against who I was talking to or my own husband who is very aware of my motive, although we both FEEL tremendous empathy towards a toxic female partner based on having lived that reality for over eight years of our lives with an ex-wife of just pure venom. Most men do not have the luxury in this department, but I assure you, my husband and I have more empathy and successfully have beaten this negative parasitic energy in Court despite all the odds in the world.

However, my Martyr days are dwindling down in duration…but finally I was delivered the bone of motive after six months of really not understanding what the hell I had done to provoke such abuse.

Not many women have empathy for men who suffer emotional abuse from women. Narcissistic men and women are masters of abuse and can make everything a nightmare.

You see, a crucial mistake had been made from a not-so-smart legal standard.

I call it a mistake because certain information was purposely leaked to me that had finally revealed a clear and concise motive of the abuses I have suffered for the last six months that were evidenced by a simple premise of jealousy. Finally, there is motive.

However, this insidious evidence that was delivered to me crossed an unprecedented line that was so far below the masculine code of honor and even below female vengeance, I was shocked upon its delivery alone. There are just some lengths by business valor alone you don’t do…and this was one of those instances. 

In short, the information I received crossed a professional line. In this case, such instance had nothing to do with myself, but about another person that upon such revelation of evidence, the perpetrator’s motive was to have triggered me to action against such person in spreading such evidence to cause hatred and enmity between us both. In short, this practice is referred to as triangulation.

So what I say to the perpetrator whose efforts were clearly not reciprocated based on my ability to feel the motivation behind the message:

I stay out of other people’s business as I don’t like people in mine but if you make it my business, your business becomes my business. Got it?


I have better uses of my time, but if you must, I must – I am fully prepared for the cause of justice because men don’t deserve this either. We are women- we do not need men to short-fall our own problems-we are stronger than that – and if you disagree, you are not the woman I know you are.


 Such evidence should have never been delivered to me in any form of language. 

I gave you the ammo to go after me on a silver platter today, because obviously this is what it really boils down to, so just get over it.

What you fear is what you find.

Thus, I am posting this for the record in the event that any information towards such incident IS released that it be known I had nothing to do with such distribution and PURPOSELY evaded the situation noting it and documenting with actual evidence if I am dragged into this sordid mess.

I draw my position firmly in the sand based out of respect and principal alone – I am Switzerland.

Everyone trips eventually.

You’re gonna trip, stumble, and fall.

And though I know you’re having a ball,
You’d better listen my friend 
(Oh listen my friend, yeah…)
This is the end
(This could be the end…)
Someone’s gonna make you crawl.
(Someone’s gonna make you crawl)
You’re gonna stumble and fall.

You’ve no respect (no respect)
You see it, you grab it (you see it, you grab it)
You’ve got yourself (you’ve got yourself…)
A very bad habit (a habit, yeah)
You know you’re on soft ground. 
(Oh, you’re on soft ground)
You’d better look around 
(Yeah, you better look around) 
One wrong step and that’s all.
(One wrong step and that’s all)
You’re gonna stumble and fall.

Some little bird is gonna put her eye on you, yeah. 
And when she does you know you’re gonna be blue
You’re gonna be….(yeah, yeah, yeah)

Then you’re gonna trip (trip), stumble, and fall. 
(Trip, stumble, and fall…)
And when you land (and when you land…) 
It’s no fun at all (it’s no fun at all)
You’d better listen, my friend.
(Oh, listen my…won’t you listen my…)
Yeah, this is the end.
(This could be the…)
Someone’s gonna make you crawl.
(Someone’s gonna make you crawl)
You’re gonna stumble and fall

You’ve never been burned,
But everybody’s somebody’s fool (yeah)
And when it’s your turn to burn,
You’ll know that it’s cruel.
You’re gonna be a…(yeah, yeah, yeah)

You’re gonna trip (trip), stumble, and fall.
(Trip stumble and fall…)
And when you land (and when you land…)
It’s no fun at all (it’s no fun at all) 
You’re gonna trip (trip, stumble), trip, stumble, stumble and fall
You’re gonna trip (trip, stumble), trip, stumble, stumble and fall 
You’re gonna trip (trip, stumble), trip, stumble, stumble and fall 
You’re gonna trip (trip), stumble (stumble),
Trip (trip), stumble and fall.

 Edited: January 15, 2017 at 3:27pm

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