Within My Eye of Your Storm

I find my eye locked on you in the midst of your storm,

This is unsettling to you, as I want nothing;

What will be done shall be on earth as it is in heaven.

Today, I have reached the apex pinnacle known as the midpoint of your storm.

I breathe a turbulent sigh of relief from the temporary period of respite as I dwell in the heart of your darkness.

I was never a Joseph Conrad fan, but am understanding the horror.

Your horror.

Your pit of darkness.

To repeat as the snake swallows its own tail.

There is always an odd calm when my eye lingers in your storm.

You want me to see.

You want to be free.

You want to be known.

You want me to see you, yet you shun me for doing so.

You have forgotten who you were.

Today, a scripted delusion that consumes your life!

I can see easily how this happens…

Chained together to the pumping heart of darkness against oppression.

I feel your unknown intent.

I see your actions.

Thus, hope lives even in darkness.

Hope and desire fading in two.

A people divided.

From the left of my peripheral vision,

the after-affects of your territorial manifestations

Remain conquered and blue.

To the right,

 I see the future storms that provoke new horrors waiting to be unleashed.

Instinctively I wish to close my remaining eye tightly shut

But cannot because of the vortex you force to me see.

All I want to do is bury my head in your chest

Not even knowing who you are;

Just hold me tight and tell me it will be okay;

Yes, I need you, trembling in the heart of the darkness.

Please don’t leave me…I am begging you…don’t leave…me.

Then you stare at me with cold dead eyes, “I was never there with you.”

You utter at the calmest point of the storm before the raging winds devour;

A reality checkpoint phantom ghost.

I still believe in you.

So, free me from this heart of darkness.

through the cobwebs of peoples desires and fantasies.

And then I saw,

all the people acting in accordance

to their hearts of darkness.

To my reality trigger point phantom ghost:

Come find me.

I miss you

so much.

Real or imaginary, you are my light in this cold, dark place.

Inspirational Motivation Credits (in no order):

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