Remembering Passover: Freedom from Slavery

This a reminder that Passover for the year 2017 is April 10-18th!

Many Christians do not celebrate Passover, substituting the holiday for Easter; however it should be noted that Jesus was celebrating Passover shortly before His crucification…not Easter, which is primarily a Roman holiday. However, more and more Christians have started to recognize this fact and begun to celebrate Passover, which is great as Christians do follow the traditions of the Old Testament as well!

Largely, the celebration of Passover is celebrated as a joyous event to recognize the concept of freedom. Passover is a time where the Jews are reminded of the time in Israel’s history when the Lord conducted the tenth plague upon Egypt that liberated Jewish people from slavery.

Found in depth at Exodus 11 and 12, the Lord commanded the Israelites to take a male lamb without blemish and and smear its blood on the doorpost of their homes. This act would signal for the Angel of Death to “passover” the marked house, which would prevent the death of the firstborn of all families and animals.

In many ways, especially in America, we take the concept of freedom for granted. It is only perhaps when one is threatened with the loss of freedom that one can appreciate the concept as humans have an instinctual desire to be free. Granted, we can all argue that we are “slaves to the material world,” and to a certain extent that can be true.

It should be noted that the Israelites had their own community in Egypt. They went to work each day, returned to their homes, and were not per say micro-managed…however, the Israelites were not allowed to leave without Pharaoh’s consent and all work-product was solely for the benefit of Egyptian civilizations.

Naturally, Pharaoh was not interested in letting his slaves go, and was very stubborn. However, upon the death of his first born son, he finally permitted Moses to take the Israelites, later changing his mind, which gives us the story of the parting of the Red Sea. But not to get off track, the point of Passover is to remember the fight (which primarily God did for the Israelites) for them to be free.

When Jesus died on the cross for our sins, His sacrifice also was freedom from sin through the concept of forgiveness through His blood that was shed for us.

Passover is a great holiday to remember never to take freedom for granted.

I always enjoy spicing up my sedar plate, but here are some beautiful ideas to start getting into Passover for those that celebrate!


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