Fast Food and Calorie Lesson: All Things to Moderation

I wanted to take the time to write a blog post related to fast food chains amidst America’s obesity epidemic that I personally enjoy. According to, “nearly 78 million adults and 13 million children in the United States deal with the health and emotional effects of obesity every day.”

A recent trend seems to exist that fast food chains are un-healthy; however, like all food in any setting, there are always good options for those who are more picky about what they eat than the calorie-intake.

The real key to any diet was coined (in my opinion) by Epicurus: “All things to moderation”. It’s really more about feeling your own stomach when full than restricting or abolishing a cheeseburger or slice of pizza.

So here are some of the fast food chains I personally could not live without and some examples of food choices:

Taco Bell


Typically, if you are on a quest to lose weight, sticking to a 1200 calorie per day diet is a pretty good target. Taco Bell’s Chicken Quesadilla is a huge favorite of mine that easily fills me up!

Dominoes Pizza


I could not find the calorie count easily for a slice of Hawaiian Pizza, which is my favorite, but imagine a slice of such has no more than pepperoni (the salami family is always higher in calories than other toppings as a general rule).




I chose both of these options to show that there is substantially very little calorie intake difference between the two, but we know that grilled is always better for you than fried chicken. However, by counting calories, one can easily be under and still order a McChicken, but it should be noted that while weight loss is one goal of being aware of what you eat, how you feel after you eat matters a lot too. If may not feel as energetic despite the calorie intake so take that into consideration as well.




This is my number one go to meal – I ditch the salad dressing and use Wendy’s chili.

Other places I like are Burger King, Chick-Fil-A, Jack-in-the Box, Subway and many more. With my stepchildren, dining at sit down restaurant’s has decreased, but the same general rule, when eating out, of being conscious about your calorie intake has generally worked the best for me.

Of course, there is a lot more, but wanted to provide in awareness that the dirty stigmatism related toward’s fast food chains is not always a warranted conclusion!


This, in my opinion, is the best salad I have ever ordered at a restaurant. However, even a salad with all the good stuff on it can have a lot of calories too. I am grateful that calories are listed at places because when available, it does change what I order.

Counting calories can be a real drag, but if you start becoming aware of the general calories in items you order, remember to link that to the feeling in your stomach after you eat so if you the exact numbers are not known, you will have a general idea.

Of course, there is no argument that cooking yourself with fresh ingredients is always the most healthy option, but if you are like me, and cooking just doesn’t work out, counting calories within the general ranges works for me!

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