Going Deep into The Mummy: Dark Universe

I am going to flat out say that I absolutely loved The Mummy: Dark Universe I. I personally am a fan of the entire Mummy franchise movies, but on a deeper level, the Mummy: Dark Universe I brought out many religious connotations that touchingly solidifies the healing bond between Science and Christianity (which have been at bitter odds when the Roman Catholic Church labeled science has heretical and executed scientists such as Galileo). In further irony, the bond established between perhaps Christianity and Scientology relatively skipped a degree to Judaism in what I could only describe as non-accidental irony personified.

While the movie itself seems to have gotten mixed reviews, for me personally, the deeper context of this movie touched my soul, and I wanted to write about it. Of course, the acting and special effects were, as always, excellent, and there was never a dull moment.

Now, I am going very deep into correlations with religion and science that arguably most would not interpret from watching this movie. It should be further noted that my correlations are solely my own and not to be reflected on the Mummy franchise or otherwise.

The Characters 

Nick Morton

Tom Cruise plays the leading role of Nick Morton, who is an adventurer exploring in present day Iraq. Having Tom Cruise play the leading role in this movie was relative to me based on his personal belief of Scientology, which interestingly manifests itself into the realms of Archeology when he and his partner discover a buried tomb in the wake up of a mini-uprising that results in an explosion unveiling of a hidden tomb.

Another perhaps far-reached co-relation is also evident to the choice of Nick’s character name being relative to the “Nicolaitanes”, a group specifically referenced in the Biblical book of Revelation as a group being hated by God in John’s messages to the seven churches.

This far-reaching correlation is perhaps more reflective on a deeper plane whereby science still feels at war with Christianity/Roman Catholic Church (as evident today with perceived mutual reciprocity) based on past precedent beginning with unresolved feuds installed centuries ago related to the bitter, Church-ordained divorce. These past tensions still manifest in small ways such as the Vatican telescope being called L.U.C.I.F.E.R. (which will forever make me chuckle), but is one of the many jib-jabs evident of tensions that exist today.

Nick is also identified as Ahmanet’s “chosen one” to be a replacement vessel for her lover to sacrifice to Set who was killed and buried alive within a prison before the act could be completed.

It should also be noted that Adam and Eve’s first two children, Cain and Abel, differed in approaches in relationship to relating with God whereby Cain killed Abel and was exiled. Adam and Eve’s third child, Seth, was ultimately where the Judaism lineage was cast and can also be seen correlative to “Set” who was considered the main antagonist of Egyptian mythology.

Perhaps, it is no wonder that such deep mental unsettlement exist between Science and Religion, but today, the truth as evident to civilizations is evident: Egypt’s narrative has not sustained the test of time today. However, there need not be such division between Science and Religion –  the Mummy: Dark Universe I, to me, displayed the message that if such a choice must be made between Christianity or Scientology, Scientology sacrificed its “parachute” for Christianity, which at the end of the day, is evident of honoring God the Father.

To me, despite box office sales, this message was deeply touching.

Jenny Halsey

Quick to arrive at the archeological site is Jenny Halsey, played by Annabelle Wallis, who has dedicated her life’s work to Egyptian archeology funded by Prodigium, a discrete agency whose base is under the Natural History Museum of London that engages in speculative technology. Despite tension resulting from a brief relationship, Jenny and Nick share a sarcastic humor and a closeness that is evident. In solely my own co-relation context, Jenny is associated to “Christianity” via the Church of England.

Ahmanet, the Mummy

The burial site discovered by Nick and Chris contains the tomb of the mummy, Ahmanet, played by Sofia Boutella, who sold her soul to the god Set in exchange for the power to overtake the Egyptian throne literally referred to as “Isis” according to The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara G. Walker.

Thus contextually, Ahmanet is the opposite side of the coin of Wonder Woman based on the concept of “taking”  by murder and deceit for rulership, whereas Wonder Woman is more representative of “giving” to end the conflict of a long-seeded war (however, both are representative of the same force relative to change).

In a metaphysical co-relation, it could be said that Ahmanet seeks to swallow related to Science/Scientology to replace with Egyptian Theology/Archeology or by perceived copyright entitlement relative to her position of power manifested by those whose lives were taken by the “kiss of death”, which restores her physical form when she is awakened through mercury (knowledge) infusion.

However, as Ahmanet receives nothing, her character is still down-casted in a negative light, which is paradoxical to the concept of Wonder Woman who sought nothing but vindication of principles and ideals, evidencing the complexities of relative perspectives and the dedication to focus on the positive message – however, for the context of public rectification of science and religion, perhaps such message must have been dark for it to be fully understood that the benefit that both gave went directly to God.

Jake Johnson

Played by Chris Vail, Jake Johnson is Nick’s partner or “supernatural bodyguard”. There is certainly a closeness between the two; however, when inside the prison tomb of Ahmanet, Jake gets bit by a poisonous spider and ends up dying, but returning in ghost form to assist Nick against Ahmanet. In many ways, Chris is Nick’s unpredictable “savior” who reunites with Nick in the end for further adventure.

Dr. Henry Jekyll 

Played by Russel Crowe, Dr. Henry Jekyll is the President of Prodigium, who has to take injections to restore one of his hands, which could be symbolic of the departure of Jenny relative to the investigation of the prison of Ahmanet.

Through the course of the movie, Dr. J cursed reveals his intention to complete her ritual, which will allow the spirit of Set to possess Nick so that he may destroy the negative spirit once and for all. Naturally and rightfully so, Nick was not too fond of that idea and successfully managed to escape.

Bridging Science and Religion

There was a particularly moving scene to me where Nick and Jenny are on a crashing airplane – Nick manages to secure Jenny with a parachute to be able to live through the plane crash. Ironically, Nick survives the plane crash, but realizes that such happenstance was of a supernatural occurrence, of which the ghost of  Jake confirms to him.

In a later scene, Jenny states to Nick something along the tune of: “You are not such a bad guy! You could have have taken the parachute for yourself, but you chose to save me” of which Nick looks beyond her and honestly states, “I thought there was another parachute.”

I died laughing, although it was a relatively touching moment that Nick’s first instinct, despite his own beliefs, was to save Jenny (Christianity), but never contemplated there not being another parachute and didn’t feel that taking credit for his intent was necessary. However, the relative intent to me was that, in the end, science supported religion even to its own demise based on the admission of nothing more than natural instinct.

Relative to a happy ending, the end of the movie displayed Nick and Jake alive and roaming the desert, evidencing the hope that science and religion may for once reach mutual understanding, but when push came to actual shove, science effectively sacrificed itself for the Church of England (evidencing how odd separations can be relative years later even related to the Church of England being secured by the Tudor family based on not being able to ascertain divorce that created division from the Roman Catholic Church).

It is a good reminder that all religions undergo trials and tribulations of which God Himself works towards His divine purpose ultimately – after all, Christianity was born of God the Father. Through this movie, ironically, I felt the conflicting bonds separating science and religion shrinking perhaps based on the most unusual of pairings via mutual understanding on very deep levels.

In Touch Magazine

I never buy magazines relatively, but when going on a trip to view a prospective building relative to my husband, I grabbed a couple randomly. One in particular was the June 12, 2017 – Vol. 16 Issue 24 of which I personally felt bad for Mr. Cruise relating to the Article “Tom’s Auditions for a New Wife” located on page 30 of the magazine.

More specifically, as his personal life was somewhat exploited, it was revealed that his last girlfriend Nazanin “lived with Tom for a couple of months, but he ultimately got her kicked out of the house because of the way she communicated one day with David” (30).

I find it personally offensive that this would be reported by any publication on behalf of everyone involved to the situation if taken relative to any person’s right to privacy, but I further inquire…David WHO?

Reminder: There are many person’s with the name ‘David’ in the world, and such feelings or thoughts of such feelings should not be taken without understanding that such persons can be easily intervened by many others including men and women. In this particular incident, I encourage all persons who feel correlations to particular names to be able to trace such energy back to the source – as hard as it can be to accept, in some cases, that could be a bitter ex or otherwise.

Today, I correlate a deeper meaning relating towards religion introspective and devoid of any personal association with actor or otherwise to remind persons that religious meanings and correlations can be swayed by emotion that create unnecessary divides. I believe the people in the world are becoming educated enough to relatively ascertain truth in such regard.

This movie touched me, but want to point out that my point of view is all my own, but even those who love science seemed to be put at odds with each other. I choose to look deeper, and was very happy to have seen this movie opening day, and hope the Spirit of such message will carry to heal many wrongs and assumptions that just “ain’t so.”


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