Fighting Through Supernatural Trauma Bonds

Normal humans become trauma bonded based on physical relationships they have on planet Earth. However, there are a few “special” persons who become trauma bonded via bad connectivity with other persons within the mind. There are two types of persons who are affected by such improper connectivity: 1) persons with knowledge and 2) persons without knowledge.

Types of Persons Affected

Persons with knowledge can explain how these improper connections came to be with relative precision/theory based on being able to corroborate with one another via telepathy albeit in a dysfunctional way (including but not limited to “pass-through’s” with other persons or “representatives” either blocking or enforcing a direction connection with other person(s) [simple explanation]).

Persons without knowledge suffer from depression and other psychological disorders and are none the wiser.

Definition of Supernatural Trauma Bonds

Supernatural trauma bonds occur from ongoing cycles of abuse connected via persons minds which create painful emotional bonds that are resistant to change based on competiveness.

In simple terms, think of it like X1 wishes to connect with Y and Z for more opportunities. X is connected naturally to Y and Z and is a fully functional, emotional human being and none the wiser (as in, doesn’t think in technical terms to the dynamics of what is occurring and just ‘lives their life’). X1 can’t stand the fact that they cannot connect to Y and Z and seeks to “compete” with X for their position. X1 too is a normal, functional human being, but is “greedy”. Thus, the battle ensues for the position of X.

X1 does not think of the fact that all relationships A-Z would be affected by their greedy desire for more which leads to the topic below. It should also be noted that X1 ruins A1-Z1’s relationships (all based on a hierarchy). X1’s desire is predicated upon power and control initiated without proper understanding.

Natural Trauma Bonds and Love

Natural trauma bonds are quite simple: you can’t get out of an unsatisfactory, dysfunctional relationship. But the real question is how such relationships come to be on planet Earth. This is explained by Supernatural Trauma Bonds and Love as written below. However, for the sake of understanding, the common elements of trauma bonds are listed below from PsychCentral:

  • There is a constant pattern of nonperformance, yet you continue to believe to the contrary.
  • Others seem disturbed by something that has happened to your or was said to you, and you are not.
  • You feel stuck because the other person keeps doing destructive things, but you believe there is nothing you can do about it.
  • You try to change the person into becoming less destructive by trying to get them to stop an addiction or become a non-abuser.
  • You keep having repetitive, damaging fights with this person that nobody wins.
  • You seem unable to detach from someone even though you can’t trust them or really don’t even like them.
  • When you try to leave this person you find yourself missing them to the point of longing that is so awful that you believe it is going to destroy you. [I am adding that this symptom is not always applicable but could be attributable to one being unable to exit the relationship because of financial or religious beliefs). 

Supernatural Trauma Bonds and Love

As natural trauma bonds normally occur with persons on earth and love, supernatural trauma bonding has a similar explanation. It should be noted that this explanation directly relates to love that is not of God (agape) but more directly attributed to eros and the adversarial forces of the devil based on the simple premise of greed.

Example: For A and B to be normal functional human beings, they need to connect to X, Y and Z. A1 (often someone who has knowledge) desires to physically be with A on planet earth (think of A as a man and A1 as a woman). In order for female A1 to be with male A on planet Earth, female A1 would have to compete for female B’s position (female A1 can not become male A).

Result of such desire: Female A1 has trespassed on the functional connectivity largely attributable to the unseen world of which persons with and without knowledge exist because of her desire to physically be with a certain person that defies proper connectivity. In such case, such telepathy of persons who are called-in to block such arrangements are unnatural and nightmarish of which supernatural trauma bonding occurs based on improper connections in the mind (i.e. breaking the normal connectivity path with knowledge based on humanly concerns/desire).

Supernatural Trauma Bonding & Soulmates

Not all soulmates are created out of fairy tales. Soulmates can align together for a greater purpose that exceeds two persons being together on planet Earth. Unfortunately, when greed enters the arena of love, many suffer and such persons can often become whims of the wind to such desires in order to merely function. Some persons may meet in such suffering, but should not feel pressured to be with one another on planet Earth despite provocations pulling to and from the prerogatives of such others.

How to Fight Supernatural Trauma Bonds

How to fight supernatural trauma bonds is the hardest yet simplest thing one can do: Bring the matter to planet Earth and make contact in the normal, human way if one has been afforded the opportunity in telepathy of who such persons are when improperly connected based on another’s greed. It is the demise of the X1 that competes with X which competes from the normalcy of all others normal function as human beings.

As often most people will fail in the suggestion above based on factors including but not limited to: severe trauma bonds, embarrassment, and the mind’s desire to forget such incidents ever occurred (i.e. inability to fathom such events have transpired), the soulmate relationship must be destroyed and re-assigned by higher powers that be with hope left undisturbed of what will manifest on the Earth in time.

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