The Dialogue of ‘I Told You So’

You know, I really used to loathe those who would say after the fact: “I told you so.” Yes, yes, in my constant life of error, I have I had to hear those words with a groan. However, since loathing the literal word phrase, I created my own facial expression that reflects the words without a peep.

However, I got to thinking about the ones who say, “I told you so.” I never really liked them, but never thought about it from their perspective. So…my goal was how could I empathize with “the I-Told-You-Soers” plight of knowing one’s fate to speak such a ‘condescending phrase’ that made me roll my eyes and beg for those who would utter some words to evade my life!

The first step was to analyze why such a “condescending phrase” comes from the speaker.

I rationalized the truth: 1) the ones who say (or undergo a facial expression to avoid the actual words) have to go through the lesson that they already know with you – thus they are irritated because they have already had to undergo a similar lesson to provide them with such knowledge prior to your arrival which means they loathe having to go through it again on behalf of someone else. Thus they say or, in my case provide a face, of I-Told-You-So because they know better.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.” Well, Mr. Gandhi, please provide me guidance to the ones who are forced to go through the mistakes on behalf of another without citing longsuffering?!

The Logic of the “I Told You Soers”

We’re connected – for most people, this means, ‘I met you in life’ – I am here in the now with you over everyone else…I am giving you advice to have you avoid error that for some reason actually determines my fate. For my sake, please do not put me through this…again. Be better than me. Yes, be better! Rise! Rise! I need you to rise!!

The Logic of the Ones Who Are Hearing “I Told You So”

I have no idea why you are telling me how to run my life. Let me learn from my mistakes.


I-Told-You-Soer: Yes, yes I am all for you making your own mistakes, but not if I have to go through it with you. 

Hearers of I-Told-You-So: You make no sense. I didn’t ask for you to be here. 

I-Told-You-Soer: But we cannot deny the fact that I am with you now. 

Hearers of I-Told-You-So: Unfortunate. 

I-Told-You-Soer: AGREED!!!!

Hearers of I-Told-You-So: Separate! 

I-Told-You-Soer: Please say it is possible!

Hearers of I-Told-You-So: It’s possible.

I-Told-You-Soer: I don’t think it is actually, sadly. 

Hearers of I-Told-You-So: You’re doing it again. 

I-Told-You-Soer: Are you telling me you tell it to me so? 

Hearers of I-Told-You-So: You just ruined my mind. 

I-Told-You-Soer: Are we any different? You are ruining my LIFE!

Hearers of I-Told-You-So: So if we are the same in a theory absent of linear time, we are one in the same but you deny me the right to make mistakes without you telling me so.

I-Told-You-Soer: If you say so!


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