The Problem With Online Dating

Whether you have gone to the depths of Plenty of Fish or the burning fire of Tinder, even the dating sites logo’s suggest the cause of the ultimate problem: who wants to burn or drown for love?

It’s a good question…and apparently there are quite a few “desperate” (although I hate to use that word) souls (don’t worry…I include myself and half a billion others in this sub-category).

So let’s analyze some of the problems:

Problem One: Timing

It appears to me that the time you join such dating sites is relevant to whom you connect to via a certain mile radius. I suppose the geniuses who built such websites analyzed the data accordingly: you’re ready to burn…you’re ready to drown RIGHT NOW – so who else is with you?

It’s not the worst strategy ever, although I suppose one could say they are limited to such demographic technical settings. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard, “Well, I just joined…” Where are the old-school rookies – you know, the ones who aren’t just ecstatic that someone responded?

I suppose they are just in a different school of fish or a combustion of flame.

Oh well.

Problem Two: What to Do

I have a vision – it’s a realistic vision and I can’t possibly imagine why it has not been utilized yet. I suppose we Americans have to wait on Europeans to catch on (they always seem to be more cutting edge).

Why not have retail locations labeled “POF” or “Tinder” where you can actually go inside such location and have an experienced personnel who actually guides clueless “daters” in how to avoid burning or drowning completely?

More specifically, here are options in your area of scheduled activities that give you both the best shot of longevity…it doesn’t involve drinking, but more wholesome activities like hiking, parasailing, floating across the Atlantic – you name it – such dating site retail locations have the contacts to get it handled.

So let’s make this easy: both persons meet on an online dating app – they have already analyzed the other’s Facebook profile and think there is something there to meet up to in real life. They enter into the dating online retail location and are met by experienced personnel who put them in a room to discuss what they like to do from a list of activities.

It’s really a great first date and far more informative than the normal interaction…and I assure you, the male will pay whatever cost if the two can agree and someone hasn’t photoshopped 100 pounds off their profile picture.

You don’t believe me?

Okay, let’s analyze how it goes now:

I meet you on such dating platform. I’m nervous…you could be a psychokiller after all – somehow all the safety settings of the online platform disappear into a haze and we are faced of what to do in the ‘real world’.

The most obvious choice of a meeting establishment is usually a restaurant/bar location. We all know how well that goes on a first date when everyone is as nervous as possibly can be expected. A nice appetizer, entree, drinks – the lucky bloke who actually got a female to arrive, whether he drinks or not normally, is ordering shots of liquor.

After what seems like hours of having to talk, somehow the male brain analyzes that “faux intimacy” is the best ending…I can’t blame them…I’m thinking the same thing…it’s just a daunting process!

Problem Three: Daters Need Guidance

In business, the most successful are those who get something “done”. In online dating terms, generally, two people are looking to form a long-term relationship. Yes, there are exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, if two people “click”, they are happy and grateful to have met. Ironically, I find that more males seem to be looking towards commitment, eradicating the stigma of just purely physical interaction.

However, there is a lack of guidance of how to give two people the most wholesome experience while dating.

I mean, how many times can one go out to dinner and really know someone who could be a genuine life partner.

Put me on a ship – no water –

let’s see if we don’t kill each other (I’m joking, but you get the ‘drift’.)

SOLUTION: Daters Need a Healthy Dating Routine

Let’s be realistic online daters: somehow normal interaction of meeting persons on Earth has failed you. You have entered the world wide web. Join billions of people.

You have online resources to scout out a person, but no guidance on what to do.

At the very least, online dating websites should utilize online platforms to create a “Dating Plan”, but not even this is provided electronically.

However, the concept of match making is age old, but match makers analyzed two persons on behalf of the other – online dating gives you the full reign to such yourself – however, it is often hard to construct the proper plan to really evaluate if such person is right for you.

Online dating is not what it used to be – welcome to the new age.

I hope it can evolve.



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