Eliminate Blackholes: What if We Are a Star?

Some of you may have caught the wave of new-agers that preached our bodies are made of stardust.

As I try to stifle a laugh, I humbly read NASA:

“Virtually all of the elements we see on the Periodic Table were made at some point during the life and death of a star. Only hydrogen, helium, and lithium were created in a different way.

Our Sun is currently burning, or fusing, hydrogen to helium…After the hydrogen in the star’s core is exhausted, the star can fuse helium to form progressively heavier elements, carbon and oxygen and so on, until iron and nickel are formed. Up to this point, the fusion process releases energy…Supernova explosions result when the cores of massive stars have exhausted their fuel supplies and burned everything into iron and nickel. The nuclei with masses heavier than nickel are observed to be formed during these explosions.

So indeed – we are all made out of star stuff!”

Well, if NASA says we are all made out of “star stuff” – how do we know that we are not aligned with a star?

And if so, what if our actions on Earth reflect what happens in the Universe?

More specifically, let’s shift to the discussion of a black hole:

According to Earth Sky:

Black holes are surely one of the most incredible phenomena in the universe. Their masses are so concentrated that their gravitational pull is powerful; nothing, not even light, can escape from inside them. We can see black holes only because material being drawn into them – such as stars that wander too close – typically form a rotating disk encircling the hole.

Astronomers had already identified [a] supermassive black hole at the center of Arp 299 B. It is 20 million times more massive than our sun. The material around this black hole is now thought to originate from a passing star more than twice the mass of our sun, which got ripped apart by the black hole’s powerful gravity.”

Space.com proffers:

“A black hole that’s gobbling down a stellar meal is providing insight into how black holes devour matter and affect the evolution of galaxies.

Researchers found that the X-ray signal burst caused when a black hole shredded a passing star was repeated in the radio wavelengths nearly two weeks later. The radio echo most likely came from an exodus of highly energetic particles streaming out of the black hole, the researchers said.”

I find this highly disturbing.

So, a black hole, with no light of its own basically feeds for fuel on stars that venture too close to its orbit.

This concept can be equated on Earth with Narcissistic individuals who attempt to extract fuel from unsuspecting persons…what if the same analogy could be compared that some of us are stars that are being attacked by black holes in the universe? Do we have a duty to ward such attacks on Earth that may effect how certain happen-stances transpire in space?

Do we have a heightened duty to the Universe to ward from such attacks?


The re-owned, and insightfully brilliant author, H.G. Tudor, allows us insight on to how these phenomena could occur in real life and seems to think so.

Is it possible that those knowledgable persons who seek to extract the vital essence of life, could be also contributing to what is happening in space when innocent stars must meet their doom by being sucked of all light?

Interesting questions that all pose a probable conclusion.

As far everyone else, listen to what H.G. TUDOR says: DO NOT CONTACT and STAY AWAY!

Keep your light alive.



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