Why I Choose Me: A Comical Manifesto On Going Filter-Free on Selfies

Most of you have heard of FaceApp, a mobile application that can be downloaded on your smartphone that gives you the power to change your picture with selected filters at the click of a button.

What I respect about FaceApp is the ingenuity that inspired the creators to design different filters that have seemed to go viral in a way that makes one look worse than they do in real life!

You see, the photo filter generation started simple with the demand that photos should make the person look better – not worse.

But that was too simple.

Now, we are all involved in a new craze where filters allegedly reveal the real you 50+ years in the future. This seems to be contrasted by the Female HD filter that makes one look like a plastic Barbie doll.

There is just something eerily creepy about both.

Congratulations, FaceApp – you gave me a complex that is making me go filter-free for life.

I choose me in the present all day long. In fact, I have never felt better about how I appear after this horror.

I recommend all women to choose the natural – no filter equals the new beauty or get ready to be aged like the Beast!

Thank you FaceApp for making that obvious for all women, for real.

Join me in the #FILTERFREE movement because always remember,

it can now officially get worse.

xoxo sarah hope

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