Dream Memoirs: If I Were Eve Today, I Would Have Failed

While I often take for granted the Bible and the immense wisdom and knowledge that is recorded in Bible stories, if you are like me, you may understand a story and the general lesson, but when it comes to recognizing how to apply that lesson to a situation in your life, you can miss the similarities and fall victim to the exact same happenstance albeit a different fact pattern.

The point of this entry is for me to share a very personal example I had in a dream that was related to the same type of principle as the story of Adam and Eve and how I was not strong enough in my subconscious to even recognize it until I awoke.

Biblical Examples of Failing to Identify Similarities

What I am saying has happened to the very best including King David. Here, the prophet Nathan approaches David and asks him what he would do if a poor man’s one sheep was killed by a rich man. David grew furious at the injustice of the poor man, but failed to recognize that he was the rich man for killing Bathsheba’s husband so he could marry her. While David knew in principle that this act was wrong, he failed to recognize that he was judging himself because his desirous feelings for Bathsheba clouded his moral fortitude.

This happened also to Peter when Jesus told him that he would deny him three times before the rooster crowed that very day. Sure enough, Peter lied about even knowing Jesus, not even realizing that he had denied Christ until the rooster crowed! His lie of getting out of the question was prompted by fear.

Understanding the Story of Adam and Eve

We all basically understand the story of Adam and Eve – the fall of humanity resulting from the snake’s deception of Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that led to Adam eating the forbidden fruit.

Today, some people may even think that with knowledge of the Bible story, they could easily not be Adam and Eve. After all, if a talking snake asks you to eat an apple, the answer is no! Of course, it is more complicated.

Before My Dream: I Prayed

Before my dream, I prayed to God that He give me wisdom on how to handle a certain situation that is a tad bit hard to explain, but had to do with curiosity towards something that is not good either way you look at it. I asked God to know the truth of what I thought mattered. God’s reply to me in a dream was simple: stay away from evil. 

Hearing the Fragmented Snake in My Dream

So in my dream, I was a female goddess. I had a male partner with me – we were not romantically linked, but seemed like we had a friendship and had been selected to undergo a certain power transfer ritual together where we shared energy. I remember being grateful I had a partner, but what was happening was foreign to me. I remember specifically being excited to be a part of something.

My counterpart looked like a man from the waist up, but had two snake tails for legs. I remember thinking that was odd, but never thought to analyze my own appearance in the dream.

The ritual to be performed involved my partner and I walking in a particular place in space and completing a specific movement (almost like a dance move but more mechanical) at the end of the walk which signaled that power from me could be transferred to my partner and vice versa.

Now, right before the ritual was to happen: something strange happened where a device like headphones was put over my partner and I’s ears. I don’t know what he heard, but the first voice that I heard was evil, but incorrehent.

Then I heard a second voice which was that of an obnoxious serpent who, although his voice was going in and out, was saying phrases related to the Garden of Eden and was far more evil than the first voice I heard.

Basically, the second serpent was trying to latch his energy to this ritual and throwing around knowledge of the Garden of Eden and other Biblical principles in an evil scheme.

How This Should Have Gone

I remember I couldn’t make out really what either voice was saying, but knew the snake had tried to link to the Garden of Eden, was evil, and was purposely trying to involve God in something that was not good.

Now, what I should have said to my partner at this point was, “No! I will have nothing to do with this ritual because the snake is here and it is a part of evil.”

But I didn’t even get that far.

After the voices stopped, my partner and I looked at each other sprawled out on the ground. I waited for him to say something, and he didn’t, but had a worried look on his face.

Someone asked me if I wanted to continue as we both stood up, and I said, “Yes.”

My logic in the dream to continuing with the ritual was related logically to not being able to hear fluently what the snake was saying and just bypassing the event as if it had never happened like I could because it wasn’t heard. Not my best subconscious moment, but I wanted to keep going. My fantastical desire was all on board!

The simple logic was the snake was there and was trying to do evil, and I should have avoided the entire ritual all together. But just like Eve, I didn’t understand that I had done the wrong thing until I awoke – or in Adam and Eve’s case, until they felt shame of being naked and hid from God.

Why Didn’t I Stand Up Against The Snake and the Ritual in my Dream

I analyzed in my subconscious that my failure to walk away from the ritual was stemmed on 1) the way that my brain works when I don’t have accurate information and 2) my own personal desire.

For me, I wanted to hear fluently what the snake was saying to identify if I agreed or disagreed with his words based on a non-judgmental point of view. I knew the snake was evil, and should have been able to identify that there was a reason a device was being put on my ears to hear those words before I committed to the ritual.

I didn’t need to have knowledge as to all the dynamics. I just needed to apply common sense and stay away from evil or where evil can connect.

The second part of being unable to say No was linked to my own personal desire of being excited to be a part of something and have a partner in (what probably results in) failed companionship.

The Ritual Commenced and I Awoke

The end of the dream was the finishing of the ritual. I remember that I had to feel three or four jerks in my own head based on the connectivity level of the lower level connections – the higher level I seemed to watch in vision seemed to appear more smooth. I felt at that point I was not the goddess anymore and woke up.

Then I started thinking, “You know, I don’t think I represented God very well in that dream I just had.”

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but remembered the snake mentioning the Garden of Eden and began thinking about Eve.

Understanding Eve’s Brain and Her Desire

Eve’s brain was focused on the fact that the fruit was edible and attractive. Oh, she could hear all that the snake had to say, but for her independent analyzation, needed to evaluate the produce to justify going against what God had said. She was probably trying to analyze if there were any symptoms that could cause death from eating the fruit.

So here, Eve believes the snake but is still relying on her own knowledge as to whether the actual fruit is good to eat. In my dream, I couldn’t even hear all the snake had to say but still went ahead with the ritual because I couldn’t make an independant decision based on the snake’s words.

Eve’s desire was for gaining wisdom. We know that she was deceived by the snake (in this dream, it felt like the snake was being completely honest with his evil intentions free of deceit which was kind of odd). However, Eve’s desire clouded her judgement which led to an imbalance in companionship (her desire went to her husband as part of her punishment). In my dream, the loss of companionship was so deep, knowledge mattered little but could have been induced and used deceptively in exchange for not being alone.

Was the Ritual Wrong?

In part of my analyzation, I had to ask myself if I thought the ritual in my dream was wrong after I awoke. I certainly did not feel it was wrong when I was dreaming, but my consciousness kicked in – the desire I felt as a part of something exciting and having a companion was fantasy. The facts of what I had dreamt piled up to where consciously I viewed that I needed to reject evil all together. When you hear a snake spewing about the Garden of Eden that you know is evil, it’s time to probably walk away – no matter what it is. Besides, I got a few jerks in the head, if I hadn’t of said yes, maybe that could have been avoided.

Eve’s catastrophe of eating of the fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil plays a result of my own subconscious dream – before the fall when no knowledge was within our first ancestors, if I had dream like that, I could have probably known instantly whether the ritual was good or bad based on being protected by God’s standard of righteousness.

Cognitively awake, I wish I had been able to say no in my dream. To me, that says enough, although it would be nice to have just known and felt without the trickery of grey.

Applying in My Own Life

The difference in my dream from Eve was I was not able to fluently hear the snake (which didn’t have any effect on whether I participated in the ritual). But I took away an important lesson: when the snake started to insinuate that God was a liar, Eve should have walked away.

Staying away from what is evil is good.



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